Mattress Toppers Chemical Free

Mattress Toppers Chemical Free applies to anyone who wants to feel safe and cosy when sleeping. It’s only recently that chemical free toppers have been available and can deliver these feelings without any doubt.

Unique Quality

Cottonsafe® is the breakthrough fabric that naturally passes the most stringent flammability laws in the UK. This wonderful fabric is made in a British Mill and combines Organic cotton and pure wool. The finished textile is antibacterial antimicrobial and dust mites don’t like it, they fly away. This translates to Cottonsafe® is a blessing for sufferers of skin allergies such as excema and psoriasis.,There’s no cure but anything that doesn’t irritate those conditions as any sufferer will tell you is a plus..

If you have a mattress that you’d like to replace we have many options. If you are not quite ready to take that step but would like to sleep in a chemical free environment the answer is a Cottonsafe® topper. It’s both HEALTHY AND AFFORDABLE.

If the time is right to replace or maybe buy your first mattress make it chemical free and look forward to a future of safe healthy sleep. The ultimate luxurious choice would be to also get a Cottonsafe® Mattress Topper Chemical Free  or Pure Choice topper, that adds about 4 cm of soft extra cushioning for those aching limbs.

Hand made in the West Country your topper is easy care.  Just air on a dry Spring or Summer’s day but not on a humid day. Being natural, wool sometimes has a faint odour but this will dissipates over a couple of weeks.

Mattress Toppers Chemical Free

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