Room Dividers and Screens

Room Dividers and Screens that are extremely well made with an attention to detail that enhances their appearance.

Lightweight and stable these 4 panel Shoji screens as they are sometimes known are made from Pine and Bamboo. Also quality brass hinges are used to connect the panels.

The screens are extremely versatile and functional. Therefore, use around the home or office. We hope you’ll find a model to blend with your décor and style of furnishing.

Where Room Dividers and Screens are useful in the home

An idea, when two screens are used together it can create a home office area. Each one of our screens has different characteristics and there’s a wide choice of colours available.

Another idea may be to screen off an area somewhere in the home for children. As a result rather than spending a lot of time in their bedrooms more harmony is achieved. Their friends or siblings might enjoy sharing an activity.

In addition a private space for working out could increase positive feelings at home. Tatami Mats are an excellent surface to work out on or play.

Imagination and Screens

Perhaps there’s a space with an irregular shape or somewhere in the loft or basement that needs attention. Talk to family  members and you never know what the next step maybe. Room Dividers and Screens are probably one the best choices to add an element of design to the space.

Furthermore these screens are the ideal vehicle to hang clothes, scarves or other items of clothing. Because we all like a little privacy when dressing they help in that matter.

In conclusion I hope you will find a reason to think there’s a use or possible advantage to consider a screen. Apartments, houses and other places where people and families congregate can benefit with a room divider.




Room Dividers and Screens

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