Slumber Support

Slumber Support is a pillow with an ergonomic design. The pillow supports your hips, knees and back when you sleep on your side.

The concept is a result of an experience when Mark Dowen had a hip operation. Mark was told that he should only sleep on his back for six weeks or more. This is not possible for many people. As a result an alternative option became necessary. Mark is a futon mattress manufacturer therefore has access to mattress materials and hence the rest is history as they say.

Slumber Support for Anybody

Comfortable and simple to use for anyone, The mattress provides an option to lay on your side with no pressure points on the knees or hips. Furthermore the back is also in a comfortable position.

In conclusion we like to say Slumber Support has a recommendation by physiotherapists and consultants at West Suffolk Hospital. Address: Ramsay Rivers Hospital (Sawbridgeworth) and Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge.

The manufacture and registration as a medical device in the UK is as follows. (Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC Class 1) the design has protection via ACID (Anti Copying in Design).

Slumber Support

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