Futon/Bed Mattresses

Futon/Bed Mattresses describes the heart of our business..Offering versatile, healthy and affordable sofa beds and mattresses has been central to my company.These past four decades has seen a massive improvement in the quality of filling materials, textiles and fabrics, This applies to their uses for covers and ideas for driving change within the business..

What you, your family and friends sit & sleep on is very important for health and well being but also the Planet. There are just a handful of conglomerates that drive globalisation. These include chemical companies that supply fire retardants in our homes, clothes and phones.


a few people see things differently and stand behind the banner that says Chemical Free. Our dedicated mattress makers have shown resolute courage while developing Cottonsafe®. A fabric that passes the highest levels of flammability legislation that exists in the UK. In this category we offer Cottonsafe® Bed Mattresses, Futomats and Toppers. As always there’s choices for size, colour and how your mattress “feels” i.e. firm or less firm.

We feel our Futon/Bed Mattresses are hand on heart the best in the UK. Consequently our manufacturing team are a happy bunch dedicated in their desire to make the best futons they can. We never skimp and are proud of the hand finish made in UK tags we attach to our mattresses. As a result numerous sizes  and colours are there for you to choose from. If not sure please discuss anything on your mind with the team.. We often get asked about how to care for Futons so please click on the link.

For unexpected guests, emergencies or camping we offer our Outta Trouble, 

Also, here’s a little help called the Ultimate Futon Buying Guide. 

Futon/Bed Mattresses

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Mattress Fillings

Our fillings for mattresses include lamb’s wool, coir, latex and cotton, natural fibres that are used without treatments and processes.

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Sofa Beds

Since 1980 our business has revolved around furniture generally but Sofa Beds in particular. Having done my fair share of travelling

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Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are few in number but they all share a commitment to create exceptional products. When writing about Sofa Beds

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If you care about the health of your family and friends and indeed yourself then a central part of the conversation should be what

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