Cottonsafe® Futomats

Cottonsafe® Futomats occupy a unique place in the futon mattress category. Primarily used on bed frames. They can also be used in conjunction with futon sofa bed frames in the bed position.

Cottonsafe® is the textile we use for the casing of the mattress. It’s completely chemical free yet passes the highest level of Fire Regulations.The inherent properties in the combination of Organic Cotton and Wool is enough to pass the stringent tests.

There are x4 options. So you can choose how firm or less firm you like your mattress to feel.

When buying a Futomat you can be sure that you’ve made a good choice for family, friends and planet. Our suppliers are the only company in the UK to offer completely chemical free futon style bed mattresses. Every element is either organic or natural and therefore safe for everyone. This also includes babies.

No more toxic rubbish to breathe in or feel when you climb into bed. The layers of filling with centres of Coir, Latex, Wool or Pocket Springs are sandwiched between a cotton rich filling. This is then cocooned within the breakthrough Cottonsafe® cover. Comfort and Joy and a big tick for yourself and your choice. When you realise you’ve added no more rubbish to the overabundance of that’s already there in our world.

Truly a Futomat is a chemical free mattress at an affordable price. Hand made in the South West by experienced mattress makers. The finishing touches are the use of flax thread and hand tufting with wool felt to keep the filling in place.

Cottonsafe® Futomats

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