Outta Trouble

Outta Trouble is for use anywhere and for everyone.Most of us like to be friendly towards family and friends, at least some of the time. But after extending friendship the thought “what have I done, where are they going to sleep” often comes to mind.

Another one might be “I’m going on holiday, camping in fact…where am I going to sleep?

These are the occasions when your problem is solved with a comfy, versatile and space saving Outta Trouble. This is a 4 layer futon mattress that rolls up and can be stowed away easily, You could save the packaging in which it arrives for a storage solution.

This mattress can be used for camping/glamping on holidays and at any kind of festival. I know this for a fact as I use mine for my visits to Glastonbury. The mattress is not prejudiced, you can even take it to Bestival, it doesn’t mind.

But seriously, use when extra guests are imminent or when friends want to stay longer than intended. Those who have sacrificed their beds for the cause can’t wait any longer this futon will help.

After use it can go back in the bag or roll it up. Then it’s ready to place in a loft/cellar, cupboard or even under the bed.

The casing of the Outta Trouble is 100% Cotton Drill. The filling is about 4”/10 cm thick, x 2 layers of wool felt and x 2 layers of lamb’s wool. These natural materials used for the filling are completely chemical free.

There are two sizes, single size: 3’0”/90 cm x 6’3”/190 cm or double size: 4’6”/140 cm x 6’3”/190 cm.

Outta Trouble

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