Single Futon Mattress

Single Futon Mattress is a versatile and popular product. We developed a range of single futon mattresses for use on all types of surfaces.

For instance when a basic Regular 6 layer mattress is paired with a Pine A frame. An A frame is the original slatted futon frames made in three sections that can be a chair or bed. Young children, teenagers, unexpected  guests can all enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep or play games.

When used with a Day Bed or Chaise Lounge it makes a perfect place for a nap or reading.,

Single futons are made in two sizes 2’6″/76 cm or 3’0″ / 90 cm. Used on top of Tatami Mats they become another option and give an opportunity for an Asian looking bedroom.

For emergencies, when guests arrive without warning, or you suddenly have the urge to go camping our Single futon mattresses are an excellent choice. That’s what I do when I go to my voluntary job at Glastonbury.

Single Futon Mattress

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