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Cottonsafe® Bed Mattress

Over the past few years there has been increased demand for more information and specialist products from people wanting to enjoy a more natural lifestyle. The modern world is stressful and loaded with anxieties so factoring into your routine restorative comfy sleep becomes an essential task.

Cottonsafe® is a breakthrough material made in the South West of England by people dedicated to the ethos of chemical free mattresses of all kinds and hence Better Sleep. Cottonsafe® fabric passes the highest levels of the stringent UK fire retardant laws, it does this by using the finest organic cotton and natural lamb’s wool. If you would like a natural, safe bed mattress, this should be your choice. .

When you can say to your family and pals that the cotton used in Cottonsafe® is organic meaning grown without any harmful pesticides or insecticides they will wonder and marvel and your forward thinking abilities.

Cotton is a crop that is susceptible to failing so to be able to source only organic cotton does in all honesty give kudos. There’s only natural and by the same token chemical free materials used in the various processes we use so you can feel safe and rest/sleep comfortably in the knowledge that no humans have had to handle perilous compounds or any bugs killed to make a fabric a tad more white.

All the bed and futon mattresses we sell have conformed to independent testing and pass the highest fire certification demanded in UK law. Cottonsafe® is a trademarked fabric with a patent pending that’s naturally fire-retardant. There have been no chemical coatings, sprays or additional treatments that can compromise health used on the inside or outside of this natural textile..

Whenever Cottonsafe® is used by our mattress makers you will know it’s a hand finished product that adhere to the highest standards and will help answer the question Can You Sleep Your Way to Better Health. 

Cottonsafe® Bed Mattress

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