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Double Futon Mattress (2 seat)

Our Double Futon Mattresses for 2 seat frames have 6 layers of filling, and crucially that offers enough support to be comfortable when sitting or sleeping. The Regular futon mattress is our standard or benchmark for tri fold frames and our upgrade is called Flexi Pocket.

The flexi pocket is a little softer and lighter than the Regular as it has low profile pocket spring core. Our Double futon mattress for the 2 seat Pangkor is unique to that model and can be see on the Pangkor product page.

We like to be transparent and show what fillings are used to construct our hand finished futon mattresses. I hope you”ll agree these images give a useful peek into what goes where in our futon mattress manufacturing process.

I like to think this is what makes us a little different to the mass market suppliers who don’t want to disclose what fillings they use, but as a small business with an environmentally friendly and ethical outlook we are proud to show the nature of the fillings we use in our futon mattresses.

Double Futon Mattress (2 seat)

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