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Double Futon Mattress (3 seat)

Double Futon Mattress (3 seat) for bi fold futon frames is at the heart of the website. These futon mattresses are also suitable to be used on bed frames and Tatami Mats.

There’a a lot of choice so whatever your preference we think we have something to suit your sitting/sleeping needs. The diagrams and  images are a visual aid. If you want to see exactly how the mattresses are hand made please have a look at the video.

As a small business that started trading in 1980 specialising in futon furniture we are proud to have a transparent attitude. See what materials we use to make our comfy futon mattresses.

We are a specialist company and nimble enough to meet any of your requests, By all means mail or call 020 7223 7212.

Double Futon Mattress (3 seat)

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