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Pure Choice Bed Mattresses

Pure Choice bed mattresses are an exciting option if you are interested in having a chemical free environment to sleep in. When you want to make an informed decision surely you’d prefer that your mattress is safe, healthy and affordable.

Pure Choice says it all, totally chemical free, nothing toxic to breath in when sleeping for you or your family. We have to get past the fact that Polyester is a man made fibre the benefits far outweigh whatever naysayers dream up.

Polyester is super strong, lasts for ages as a result, has a low Carbon Footprint to the point that it’s about 40% less than Cotton. The Global Organic Textile Standard favours its use in Organic mattresses as it has very low off gassing. The way it’s woven means it can be recycled and used again for breathable fabric.

So, if you suffer from allergies, Arthritis or Rheumatism and need a dry environment to sleep our Pure Choice points the way forward.

Pure Choice Bed Mattresses

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