Day Bed - Chaise Lounge

Day Bed – Chaise Lounge the name is interchangeable. The idea of a Day Bed or Chaise Lounge sounds old fashioned but in fact it’s so versatile and functional we think it contemporary.

Manufactured using high grade Pine from a sustainable source that uses the following kite mark FSC timber, The company that makes these frames excel at combining design with eco friendly principles and they champion these ideals. The FSC kite mark is policed on the internet so those who have not earned it cannot use it.

So whether it’s an extra single bed needed when an unexpected guest turns up and space is tight. Or somewhere to have a nap or read and you can make use of the lounging position. If you are working hard and need to sit and relax put the “wings” up and use as a sofa. Not only for people in the house or flat but perhaps a special nest for your cat or dog.

Recently a customer bought two of these frames and sometimes puts them together to make a double bed. Either way the futon mattress used is a comfortable 6 layer that can be chosen from the drop down menu.

The versatile nature of this design means it can have a purpose in different areas of your home.

Optional extras are the back cushions in different  sizes and numerous shades..

Day Bed - Chaise Lounge

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