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Double Futon (2 seat Metal Sofa Bed)

Compact and easy to use best describes the features of our 2 seat metal futons. Our ambition is to offer stylish designs to suit any room or décor style and we feel these easy to use frames fit the bill.

Two seat metal futons fold across their width twice and open and close from the front of the frame, as seen in our video. Models like the Studio are ideal for offices and apartments especially when space is at a premium. This particular 2 seat metal futon is a design that has been tried and tested for over 30 years and has always been popular.

A unique feature of our metal frames is the sitting/sleeping surface that is made from virtually unbreakable Beech “flexi slats”, these slats distribute weight evenly and enhance comfort for people of all weights, shapes and sizes.

2 seat metal futons are paired with our 6 layer Regular futon mattress or an upgrade called Reflex Foam, both hand finished and made in the UK.

Double Futon (2 seat Metal Sofa Bed)

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