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Double Futon (3 seat Metal Sofa Bed)

For many decades homemakers have enjoyed the versatile nature of futon furniture. This versatility is reflected in our 3 seat metal futons. We strive to offer designs to suit any space in your home be it living room, bedroom or conservatory.

The frames in our 3 seat metal futons use high gauge steel and “flexi slats” which are virtually unbreakable. These Beech slats are an innovative design feature that ensures weight is distributed evenly and so offers greater comfort whether your 3 seat metal futon is used for sitting or sleeping. All the steel tubes are finished with plastic caps so fabric will not snag, and the click-clack hinges mean the frames can be converted effortlessly from bed to sofa and vice versa from the front of the frame as demonstrated in our video.

Our 3 seat metal futons have evolved over the years and are made to withstand robust use and are paired with a TwinLoft futon mattress or indeed any of the other futon mattresses from the comprehensive range we offer

Double Futon (3 seat Metal Sofa Bed)

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