Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Innovation Living Sofa Beds are world beating designs that are constantly eveolving. Tweaks to design or changing textiles occur annually. For over 40 years the Innovation central concept is to offer multi functional furniture for any space in your home.

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Innovation is the perfect name for this Danish company. For four decades the company has manufactured sofa beds with a contemporary feel. Key features therefore are fabulous looking designs and textiles. Easy to use frames and a package representing excellent value for money.

Owning an Innovation Living Sofa Bed is taking part in a quality experience.  Their eye for detail and cutting edge designs mean the company  is a respected global brand. Their world wide reach allows new ideas to be implemented quickly into their product range.

The essence of a successfully designed sofa bed is that it is as good as a bed as it is a sofa. Since the late ‘80’s the focus of the company is offering affordable reliable ranges of furniture. Whether for sitting or sleeping it will look stunning anywhere in your home be it bedroom, living room or conservatory.

Innovation Legacy

An Innovation Living sofa bed sold anywhere in the world will represent the company’s eco-friendly credentials. Innovation Living is committed to recycling the materials they use. As a result there’s a deep seated desire to look after the environment. Zero waste policies exist in their factories, a great achievement. Bu buying their products it encourages their customers to share these values.

As an Innovation Living Sofa Beds UK distributor futonsonline knows its customers will want plenty of choice. Therefore you can individualise the chosen piece of furniture you fancy. Attention to detail and great value for money are consistently delivered. In my mind this is the epitome of “ready to assemble” or flat packed furniture.

For 5 years from 1989 parent company Mirthglen Ltd. acted as agent for Innovation A/S in the UK. It was our good fortune to win an award for an exciting design at the inaugural year of awards at the annual Furniture Show held at the NEC in Birmingham.

Your family, friends and guests will not forget how they feel when waking up from sleeping in or after a long time sitting on a comfy Innovation Living sofa beds. The whole range is comfortable to sit or sleep on because of the pocket spring technology developed in house by Innovation.

Innovation Living undoubtedly have the balance right between trends, current thinking and practical necessity. Modern living requires space saving furniture and Innovation Living are masters at delivering choice for this niche. They always do this in a comfortable and durable way

Innovation Living Sofa Beds

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