Multifunction Sofa Beds

Multifunction Sofa Beds used to be in their own category One Room Living.. However adaptions and evolution are part of how the Innovation brand operates. Consequently models that look good, are comfortable and have a reasonable price will maybe be included and trialled..

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Over the course of several decades Innovation Living have evolved into a global brand. At the heart of their story are a few individuals who were there at the start. Talented designer Per Weiss  is responsible for many of the wonderful designs that have stood the test of time, Among his watch words are form and function and the frames shown in this category are indeed Multifunctional Sofa Beds,

Confidence abounds in the company, so much so that they put a lifetime warranty on manufactured parts. Therefore the Beech flexi slats. and clic – clac hinge mechanism is very strong. The hinge gives elevation options upright, lounging and flat for sleeping. Therefore you get support for your neck, shoulders and head when you want to relax.

Another area of expertise is pocket spring technology specifically developed for futon mattresses..At the core of the mattresses is a variety of fillings that when combined offer truly comfortable and relaxing sleep.

If you want to individulise your sofa bed you can choose a removable cover from the selection of fabrics and textiles. Innovation Living even offer a frame cover and give a Bedding Box that’s totally FREE..

Multifunction Sofa Beds

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