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Multifunctional Day Beds

Multifunctional Day Beds provide a solution to many sitting or sleeping issues. This selection of models gives something to offer any room or space in your home or office. Whatever your taste there are textiles, colours and creative designs that are easy on the eye..

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This particular category is called Day Beds and there are x2 Classic models, but also x2 multifunctional Day Beds or Chaise Longue. The Classic Day Bed sizes range from 80x200cm up to 160x200cm. The Multifunctional Day Beds have elevations or “wings” and range from 70x200cm up to 80x210cm. Variety and versatility are key components of all x4 models.

Innovations have factories on x3 continents and their expertise is known worldwide. Even the way boxes are packed is important; no two parts will touch each other thereby eliminating scuffs and potential damage. Assembly is aided by easy to follow pictograms, Therefore be assured if you need help call a member of the team. Once you are in touch someone will guide you through to complete any task.

The high quality textiles are spill and stain resistant. There are numerous colour options and several types of textile.If you’d like a swatch please let us know your choice by email and we’ll post immediately..

The Multifunctional Day Beds called Rollo has been in the range for many years, therefore can confidently be called popular. This frame is a single bed. Raise one of the end “wings” and it’s a chaise longue, raise both “wings” and you have a small sofa. Stunning, stylish and super comfy. Whether you sit or lay on it there’s a feeling of being supported.

These Day Beds or Chaise Longues are perfect for those nooks and crannies when reading, napping or just day dreaming.

Multifunctional Day Beds

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