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Multifunctional Compact

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The Cubed Deluxe has various leg options and is available as a full double size measuring 140x200cm. The smaller footprint arises because the Cubed Sofa Bed folds across its width twice.

In 2009 using the same idea designer Per Weiss created a sister design, Cubed Deluxe 90. and just as effortless to convert as the sofa bed. Like all the models in the I Style range the sitting/sleeping upholstered parts are the same and make use of cutting edge technology. There is a “no sag” element built into the spring coils so you can be confident that over time the sofa bed will remain comfortable and deliver support for your back and shoulders.

Multifunctional Compact sofa beds have little design features that gives them a unique appearance, such as the detailed stitching that adds a stylised finish to any fabric used.. The ultra modern look these sofa beds have isn’t brash or sterile, and in fact we hope you’ll agree they are inviting and contemporary. Another feature that needs emphasising is the ability to convert from sofa to bed and back again without effort.

When buying an Innovation Living product please be assured that if an issue does arise it will be dealt with swiftly by an experienced team member.

Multifunctional Compact

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