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Multifunctional Slyders

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With a name like Multifunctional Slyders you should be in no doubt that this is a versatile range of furniture that is every bit as good a sofa as it is a bed. Please have a look at the videos so you can see how easily these Innovation Living sofa beds convert to king size beds, hence Slyders.

This category is a part of the IStyle range from Innovation Living where the models have the same pocket spring technology for sitting and sleeping.  Innovation expertise is evident throughout the process from when you order. Assembly is straightforward helped by easy to follow pictograms and if an issue occurs you can call a member of the team and expertise will be provided to guide you through the process.

Once assembled you are  allowed to crack a smile or grin if that way inclined. I’m sure you will be pleased. The palette of colours on offer is ultra modern and compliments the textures of the various textiles.

All models are easy to convert from sofa to bed and vice versa. So your future comfort is beckoning, time to sit then stretch out on your new sofa bed. I hope that when the time comes you will agree it’s more supportive than regular UK sofa beds that are generally foam filled and comparatively soft.

Multifunctional Slyders

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