Unusual category

Uncategorized is a confusing element as most of the time categories that reside on a website are permanent. This website has several categories and they function so that customers and visitors can make sense of the site. UX or user experience is one of the holy grail’s when owing a website.Therefore it follows that categories should or can be subdivided so that even more sense can be the result.

Mystery Category

This is a Wordpress site and the platform is very very popular as it’s pretty straightforward to use and operate. I have spent a lot of time building the various elements on the site. To do this means populating pages with words, images and videos. For many years I kept going, learning bits and pieces here and there. Right at the top of the list was the category uncategorized. I did make an effort to understand what it is for, but over my head it flew.

Penny drops

On many occasions customers ask for a quote or price and that is a legitimate request so I respond. I have to say on these occasions when someone asks a question I have put the quote in a category where the product would be sitting. Recently I thought more about this subject and thought about a better solution. The result of the question should be on its own and not put with products.

Eventually I see the light

Everything has its place and this is also true for our humble prices, quotes and other pieces of information. I like the idea of the category serving a temporary function and then deleting it, so it’s over. I can send a url to a prospect or potential customer without confusion.It’s taken a long time to get to this point and for me to understand this thing that was simply there

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About Our Products

our products
Mattress Fillings

Our fillings for mattresses include lamb’s wool, coir, latex and cotton, natural fibres that are used without treatments and processes.

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Sofa Beds

Since 1980 our business has revolved around furniture generally but Sofa Beds in particular. Having done my fair share of travelling

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Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are few in number but they all share a commitment to create exceptional products. When writing about Sofa Beds

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If you care about the health of your family and friends and indeed yourself then a central part of the conversation should be what

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