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Double Wooden Beds

When I look at a wooden bed frame I think that whatever variety the timber might be it will have qualities and characteristics that make it unique. There’s something comforting about timber and the natural elements it imparts so if it’s a Double Wooden Bed you are considering you are starting out with a bed that should look better with age.

Timber should be grown in a sustainable way and when this happens it can be awarded an FSC kite mark. Our range of bed frames have that distinction and are mostly double size but in some cases King size.

When the FSC kite mark is awarded and used on the internet owners of the badge can be confident that it will be policed vigorously, Site owners will be in trouble if they use FSC and haven’t earned the right to use it. Sustainable in this instance also means people working for the company’s producing the timber receive a living wage.

Double wooden beds that use either one of our specialist bed mattresses or even a specialist futon mattress should have slats. Beech wood flexi slats are a good choice or another option might be Ash or Pine. Slatted frames allow air to circulate around and through a mattress so it can breathe and allow moisture to dry out.

Double wooden beds have slightly different standard sizes in the UK to Europe,137 x 190 cm in UK and 140 x 200 cm in Europe. Because we are a specialist company we can offer the extra length for the mattress if required. The extra width is minimal by the time bedding is added.

Double Wooden Beds

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