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Low Level Beds

Our Low Level Beds are manufactured by Danish company Karup Partners and their speciality is being able to deliver these beds made from sustainably grown Redwood Pine. You will know the wood used in the making of our beds is special if it bears the FSC ® kite mark. You will be sharing an eco friendly, environmentally aware future and with luck it will lead to Better Sleep.

Trying to understand why this style of bed is so popular should start with an examination of their versatility.

In the Far East and Asia the prevailing culture in most homes is eating and sleeping quite low to the floor. In Japan for instance Tatami Mats are used for flooring and the use of sliding doors makes it easy to close or expand spaces within the home.

When recreating that Asian “feel” or minimalist style of living in Europe and North America it can be achieved by using low tables to eat and a Low Level Bed frame to sleep, one that incorporates Tatami Mats and then the “look” is finished with a futon mattress on top.

Contemporary living in the UK often means adapting older houses, so they are reshaped and re purposed to satisfy the demands of inter generational use by using what has hitherto been dead or under used space such as lofts and cellars. These are often the first places that are turned into new bedrooms and leisure rooms for the family.

Lofts and cellars are spaces that often have low ceilings and a great many are situated under pitched roofs and other unusual ceiling shapes. When the height of a room is compromised and one of its functions is for sitting and sleeping they become a perfect place for using Low Level Beds. Life becomes a lot easier in those spaces when you can avoid bumping your head on the rafters.

Living space is at a premium in London and there’s a trend for basements to be dug out and the resulting space is used for family or leisure rooms or spare bed rooms. These spaces with rooms that have low ceilings or raised floors require inventive thinking and Low Level Beds and futon furniture in its basic form offer a comfortable, very versatile and affordable solution.

Low Level Beds

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