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Anti Slip Material

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Anti Slip material with lots and lots of applications! FREE Delivery

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Anti Slip many uses around the home

Anti Slip material is a rubberised matting. It’s lightweight and easy to use in all sorts of situations. Whether in use around the home or elsewhere Anti Slip is inexpensive to buy and will make sure things stay in place.

Extremely versatile and useful, the fabric is cut to size so nothing is wasted. There’s always something that can be held in place by our remarkable anti slip.

anti slip helps prevent breakagesFor use in caravans, camper vans, boats and camping. When you want cushions, pillows, cups or bowls to stay where you want them a little piece of anti slip is the perfect answer.

A prime example for using anti slip material is when a futon mattress might be slipping or creeping forward. The material lays across the sitting deck of the frame. No adhesive or other things are necessary to keep the anti slip material in place, a guaranteed solution for that problem.

  • When using with 3 seat futon frames a 2 mt length is suggested.
Delivery is by courier, normally Hermes and usually about 3 days

The anti slip rubberised matting is 50 cm wide, is easy to cut and keeps anything that might move or slip in place.

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