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Bifrost Deluxe Excess Footstool

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Versatile addition for Bifrost Excess Deluxe Lounger can be a footstool or to sit on. Measures 65 x 65 cm

Cassius footstool

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528-MIXED-DANCE-BLUE (1)227 Flashtex Graphite561 Twist Rust RedInnovation Living Textile 534 Coastal_Seal Grey

Bifrost Deluxe Excess Footstool 

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Bifrost Footstool or Pouffe when in use with the Bifrost Sofa Bed makes it a lounger.

  • Therefore at the end of the day, more comfort for your calves and feet.
  • A Footstool or Pouffe that compliments the Bifrost D.E. L. unique design.
  • When in use as a footstool as a stand alone piece you see how versatile it becomes.
  • Consequently as a stand alone piece you can sit on it. 
  • Finally use in conjunction with the Bifrost Deluxe Excess Sofa Bed to make it a comfortable lounger.

Bifrost Footstool

There are a number of textile choices you can make. Different fabric textures and lots of colourways.


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Measures 65 cm x 65 cm or 24″ x 24″

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