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Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger

From £1,800.00

The Cassius Sofa Bed is a King Size model with Chrome legs. Bed size 155x200cm

Fabric Option 13-15 Weeks
Innovation Living Textile 527 Mixed Dance_NaturalInnovation Living Textile 525 Mixed Dance_Light BlueInnovation Living Textile 514 Nist-BlackInnovation Living Textile 216 Flashtex-Dark GreyInnovation Living Textile 521 Mixed Dance _GreyInnovation Living Textile 565 Twist_Granite

528-MIXED-DANCE-BLUE (1)227 Flashtex Graphite561 Twist Rust RedInnovation Living Textile 534 Coastal_Seal Grey

Cassius Footstool *

Fabric Option 13-15 Week Delivery *

Cassius Sofa Bed 

Innovation Living

  • Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger is a sofa bed that truly delivers regarding size and comfort.
  • The seating part is thicker, certainly deeper and a little plusher (for greater comfort). The seating parts are comfortable and a little lower providing a position that’s perfect for relaxing or perhaps napping.
  • Innovation designs are the creations of experts. They consider every aspect and all these current models convert easily from bed to sofa and vice versa.
  • The variety of textiles ensure care and maintenance of the upholstered parts is straightforward. Furthermore spills and spots are easily removed thanks to the inherent qualities in the fabric.
  • The “Excess” of the name is enhanced by the special detailing on the back side of the sofa bed and cushions.

Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger King Size Bed

  • When flat as a bed Cassius provides a massive 155 x 200 cm. sleeping area. The mattress is also “excess”, in fact it’s a 10”/25cm. thick IComfort pocket spring mattress system that is detailed in the tab below.
  • The Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger is perfectly at home in the middle of a living room or against a wall if you prefer. Either way, it’s a stunning contemporary design that will blend with any décor or style.
  • The simple lines of the chrome legs emphasise the Scandinavian design heritage that looks so good in modern homes.

The FOOTSTOOL is an optional extra.

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