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Egyptian Cotton 400 TC Fitted Sheet

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All the sheets we offer are 100% Egyptian Cotton and of hotel quality

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Fitted sheets made with Egyptian Cotton is the the best bedding choice

  • Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets seem to be an acquired taste, some like and will use nothing else but others well….. aren’t so keen. As you have travelled to this page I imagine you are in favour.
  • Elasticated corners make this a versatile option and in fact this kind of fitted sheet futon to top end Spinks and Edgar mattress, the lasting impression is a snug taut surface to start making up your bed
  • The critical issue with a fitted sheet is the depth or “loft” of your mattress, so it will have to be measured, and then you know when you start looking for your sheet that it will be suitable for your mattress.
  • Problems occur when fitted sheets don’t fit the mattress for which they are bought this is mostly because the mattress has an unorthodox depth which does not conform to that of the fitted sheet.
  • This problem has only worsened with the advent of budget priced fitted sheets, these are the same as regular ones, except they are sold in bulk at bargain prices that are very hard to resist for the average consumer.
  • The variety of materials and colours these wholesale fitted sheets are available in are enough to daunt new comers when confronted with a bedding department, therefore it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with the basics of making a good well informed purchase.
  • When buying a fitted sheet, make sure that its quoted pocket depth exceeds that of the mattress by some centimetres to compensate for any errors in measurement. The fabric of the sheet needs to be of a large thread count and highly breathable.
  • Keeping these simple tips in mind when making your purchase will help you get the best value for your money.
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