Peek Bed

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Its a POPULAR model and the lead time (wait) is about 5 weeks.

Brexit documentation both leaving EU and entering UK can increase the time span a little.

Peek Bed: frame available in x 3 sizes 140, 160 and 180 cm x 200 cm

Clear Lacquer and eco friendly Black water based stain finish.

Unfinished timber Black stain timber

Mattress Option *

Comfort Mattress available in a White or Black cover option

FREE Delivery Options *

FREE RAPID delivery from reputable couriers

Peek Bed Frame and Finish Size *

Peek Bed Frame Double, King and Super King sizes and Two finishes, Clear Lacquer and eco friendly Black water based stain.

Creative Scandi Design for Comfy Reading, Browsing, Sleeping

Peek Bed a perfect fit for modern minimal living

  • Is your living space nudging you to scrutinise how to use every inch on a regular basis? If so, this bed will tick the”where to sleep” box and much more besides.
  • A truly multi functional design so you personalise your side of the bed.
  • Our Peek bed is crafted from solid FSC certified Pine wood and features a beautiful and functional headboard.
  • Because modern apartments and houses tend to be smaller the bed room is often the area where you will need to be creative.

If you like reading, browsing and sleeping this bed is a winner

  • Most noteworthy are the holes in the headboard, so you can use a beautiful lamp holder with a lovely soft light bulb. No argument regarding this feature as each side has this option. Wrap the cables around and choose your favourite light bulbs
  • The resulting Peek Bed design is versatile and elegant. Especially relevant is the wide shelf that surrounds the bed. This gives you a place to put your favourite night time essentials, glass of water, phone charger, tablet etc.
  • Seems we never want to be far from our phones and devices. So even while sleeping you can place the charger nearby. See that 100% mark when you awaken. There’s a hole in the Headboard for device leads to pass through and it’s big enough so no struggling.
  • The broad shelving surrounds the bed frame, this includes the back of the headboard. A feature where you can store your current reading, there’s space for a few books.
Unique Bed for Lighting/Reading and Browsing
  • Choose a Peek Bed from x 3 sizes: 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm. Also there’s x 2 finishes, Natural Lacquer and water based Black lacquer.
  • And now Karup Design with exemplary Scandinavian designs sprinkle stardust over their Bed category.
  • Scandinavia in general but Denmark in particular has been at the forefront of multi functional furniture design since 1960’s. And now Karup Design is sprinkling their stardust over their Bed category.

FREE delivery is the first point to emphasise.

However, since the start of the Pandemic we have experienced huge difficulties to keep up with demand. Our supplier of quality Sofa Beds is Danish company Karup Design. They have undergone changes in the way they operate and as a result grown massively since 2020. This is a positive thing inasmuch  that it demonstrates people like the product range. But demand outstrips supply at this moment in time.

We always have stock coming from Karup Design so it's worth calling 020 7223 7212. However for the next few months lead time will be about 9 weeks. 

When your order arrives in our warehouse I get in touch with you and suggest a delivery date and when agreed it's guaranteed. Beyond that we can request an a.m. (08.30-13.00) or p.m. (13.00-18.30) slot. However the request is at the discretion of our couriers who do what they can to comply with your wishes.

You can specify a date or I'll suggest a date in the order confirmation email and you can amend as necessary. It is also possible to leave deliveries in a garage, with a neighbour or even at the back of a house. This request has to be made ahead of time and you feel it's safe to do so.


Double size:
Bed Width (Double Size)164 cm (sleeping area 140 cm)
Bed Length (Double Size) 226 cm (sleeping area 200 cm)
Bed Height (sleeping):21 cm to top of frame/ 36 cm to top of mattress (approx).

King size:
Bed Width (King Size)188 cm (sleeping area 160 cm)
Bed Length (King Size) 226 cm (sleeping area 200 cm)
Bed Height (sleeping): 21 cm to top of frame / 36 cm to top of mattress (approx).

Super King size:
Bed Width (S.King Size)208 cm (sleeping area 180 cm)
Bed Length (S.King Size) 226 cm (sleeping area 200 cm)
Bed Height (sleeping):21 cm to top of frame/ 36 cm to top of mattress (approx).

Peek Bed Package 1: 184 x 36 x 10 cm – 22 kg

Peek Bed Package 2: 212 x 47 x 8 cm – 26 kg

Peek Bed Package 3  12  x 12 x 11 cm

Weight: 48 kg    Cu. mt. 0.14

 Mattress   Weight 14 kg  Cu. mt. 0.21  COMFORT-Mattress


Country of origin: Estonia

Assembling your futon frame is very straightforward as there’s only a few pieces. Fact is the finished piece of furniture is a comfy, solid, functional bed with an elevating head section.
My tips to you are: remove the parts from the packaging, then the box etc..should be put out of the way. Give yourself room to operate. Check you have everything the “book of words” says you should have.
Take your time, follow the plan and accept help or ask for more hands when necessary. Finally, no macho tightening bolts into barrel nuts, just “finger tight” when using the supplied allin key. Simples,and if not please call me.020 7223 7212.

Love Your Futon

Essentially we feel it makes perfect sense to not just look after your futon but Love Your Futon. When you invest hundreds of pounds in a futon mattress get the best possible use from it. We insert a Care Leaflet with every futon mattress that we make. Therefore please take the time to digest the useful advice on the page. Furthermore as specialist futon mattress makers we want you to benefit from the sound sleep we hope it gives.

First Love

A few customers mention how thick the futon mattresses are when they first arrive in a customer's home. We explain on the leaflet and also when they call that there's air in the layers of filling. As a result the futon has to be in use for a week or so before there's some settlement. This "bedding in" process is completely normal and most of all necessary to have an even surface.

Other Love

While we want to get rid of the air at the beginning of the futon mattress's life, things move on. We very much hope the futon sits on a surface of slats.  This is especially relevant as we want air to circulate around the mattress. If air circulates it will enable a drying out process to occur. We all sweat at night when we sleep and the moisture can reside in the filling and eventually create mould. Drying out the futon will prevent mould from growing. On a hot dry day take your futon outside and let it sit in the sun to get completely dry. An open window can help get the same effect.
After 7-9 years
I hope you will have much use from your wonderful comfy futon mattress. But probably after nearly a decade the time will be approaching when you have to say "goodbye" old friend.

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