PocketSprungLux Futon Mattress

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Pocketspring Lux softest futon mattress for 3 seat sofa beds and beds, everyday use. 

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PocketSprungLux Futon Mattress has a softer feel

PocketSprungLux futon mattress features barrel-shaped coils for maximum tension. Each coil is  heat tempered to “remember” its shape. They then perform as designed long after standard coils lose their bounce.

  • The coil or spring is encased in a non woven fabric pocket that is then secured to a flexible stabilising panel. This creates a system so that each coil moves straight up and down. Therefore it mirrors each sleeper’s body shape and eliminates any rolling together.
  • The PocketSpring provides firm, healthy support like the best conventional mattresses. As a result there’s a flexibile nature that makes it easy to fold your futon into a sofa with ease. Comfort and versatility are ensured with either type of innerspring futon mattress we offer.
  • The PocketSprungLux has the sprung unit sandwiched by x 4 layers of wool felt and x 2 layers of lambswool on top and bottom. The combination of these fillings gives added luxury.
  • The fillings in the futon mattress are chemical free. All corners are square cut for a neat finish. And because of the care we take choosing and assembling our products there will be very little settlement or compacting.
  • We anticipate about 15% compacting over the expected 7–9 year everyday use life expectancy. Consequently your PocketspringRegular futon mattress, ensures comfort for years to come
  • Any mattress you choose will have been hand finished and made in the UK.

PocketSpringLux sizes

  • All mattresses are 190cms/ 6′ 3″ in length, except for the 5′0″ option which is 200 cms/ 6′ 6″ in length. In addition we do make bespoke size mattresses on request, so please email or call to discuss your preference..
  • CHOICE is central to what we do and the latest textile is UK made and completely chemical free called Cottonsafe®
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Your Free Delivery takes 4 or 5 working days, usually. The delivery date is guaranteed but it's possible to request an a.m. (08.30-13.00) or p.m. (13.00-18.30) slot, however the request is at the discretion of our couriers who do what they can to comply with your wishes. You can specify a date or I'll suggest a date in the order confirmation email and you can amend as necessary. If you can't be at home on the day of delivery please call 020 7223 7212 or email keith@futonsonline.co.uk and let me know so it can be re arranged, generally the couriers will come back at least once if not twice to try and deliver your order. It is also possible to leave deliveries in a garage, with a neighbour or even at the back of a house so long as the request has been made ahead of time and you feel it's safe to do so..


90 x 190 cm (3’0″ x 6’3″) 120 x 190 (4’0″ x 6’3″)

140 x 190 cm (4’6″x 6’3″), 150 x 200 cm (5’0″x 6’6″)

If you need a size that’s not listed we can help at a cost of +20%,

please call Keith to discuss on 020 7223 7212 or email keith@futonsonline.co.uk

You’ll feel better about your sofa when it has a removable cover. We recommend you look after your futon mattress and protect it from the everyday little spills, crumbs and stains etc. mainly because the natural fillings inside the mattress don’t like getting wet. The quality fabrics on offer will translate to an “easy care” or low maintenance feeling and being zipped around x3 sides makes the covers simple to put on or remove.

Your mattress won’t have to be rolled or beaten but will love to be put in or near sunlight for a few hours once or twice a year. A hot Spring or Summer day, not humid, will allow the filling to dry out and re fresh itself. When your frame and mattress represents such good value, make it a happy futon sofa bed.

The range of fabrics and colours can be seen here.

Love Your Futon

Essentially we feel it makes perfect sense to not just look after your futon but Love Your Futon. When you invest hundreds of pounds in a futon mattress get the best possible use from it. We insert a Care Leaflet with every futon mattress that we make. Therefore please take the time to digest the useful advice on the page. Furthermore as specialist futon mattress makers we want you to benefit from the sound sleep we hope it gives.

First Love

A few customers mention how thick the futon mattresses are when they first arrive in a customer's home. We explain on the leaflet and also when they call that there's air in the layers of filling. As a result the futon has to be in use for a week or so before there's some settlement. This "bedding in" process is completely normal and most of all necessary to have an even surface.

Other Love

While we want to get rid of the air at the beginning of the futon mattress's life, things move on. We very much hope the futon sits on a surface of slats.  This is especially relevant as we want air to circulate around the mattress. If air circulates it will enable a drying out process to occur. We all sweat at night when we sleep and the moisture can reside in the filling and eventually create mould. Drying out the futon will prevent mould from growing. On a hot dry day take your futon outside and let it sit in the sun to get completely dry. An open window can help get the same effect.
After 7-9 years
I hope you will have much use from your wonderful comfy futon mattress. But probably after nearly a decade the time will be approaching when you have to say "goodbye" old friend.

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