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Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed

From £950.00

Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed is versatile, suitable for various spaces in your home: 110 x 200 cm.

Puzzle Wood Dimensions 

Fabric Option 13-15 Weeks
Innovation Living Textile 527 Mixed Dance_NaturalInnovation Living Textile 525 Mixed Dance_Light BlueInnovation Living Textile 514 Nist-BlackInnovation Living Textile 216 Flashtex-Dark GreyInnovation Living Textile 521 Mixed Dance _GreyInnovation Living Textile 565 Twist_Granite

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Fabric Option 13-15 Week Delivery *

Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed created 2004

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  • Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed is part of the “Unique” category of the Innovation Living product range.
  • Created in 2004 by three men Per Weiss, Fleming Hojfeldt and Andreas Lund. Due to the design talent of the trio they are responsible for a modern versatile collection. Consequently the Innovation Living brand has fans world wide.
  • This is a sofa bed that you can use throughout your home. Suitable for a living or guest room, conservatory or perhaps a studio flat. The size is perfect for people with an outlook that reflects contemporary living. Please look at the video and see how easy it is to convert from sofa to bed and vice versa.
  • The Puzzle Wood is an excellent design hence stylish and functional.
  • All the textiles are upholstery weight and therefore will retain their qualities over time.
  • Comfort is assured as the upholstered parts use the 7″ thick Icomfort pocket spring system. This has been developed by Innovation Living over many decades. The black powder coated steel frame is robust and has 5 years warranty.
  • The stand out visual feature is the Oak lacquered legs. As a result the patina of the wood gets better with age.
  • Furthermore Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed is a multi functional Single sofa bed. Most noteworthy it’s as good a sofa for comfy cozy sitting or lounging as it is for sleeping.
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