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Splitback Chair Frej Arm Eik Leg

From £575.00

Splitback Chair choice of legs and fabric colours. Comfy pocket spring upholstery.

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Arm and Leg Options *

Choose your Frej Legs or Eik Feet options, Natural Oak or Black Oak

Textile Options 13 weeks *

Wonderful textiles swatches available please email or call

Splitback Chair: choose your Oak Arm or Leg style

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Splitback Chair Frej Arm Eik Leg choose either and both are available in Natural or Black Oak.

  • This choice adds another dimension when combined with other pieces in the Splitback Family.

The Black Oak option is the same price as the Natural Oak.  The Eik Leg is included in the cost of the Splitback Chair 

  • Or use the chair as a stylish stand alone piece.  Individual and stylish  the Chair is modern, dynamic and full of character.
  • The Chair has two reclining options as well as its upright and flat positions.
  • The firm but comfy 7” thick pocket spring mattress system delivers excellent support for both sitting and sleeping. More information is detailed in the tab above.
  • The drop down menu indicates the range of colours and textiles. The fabrics are carefully chosen for their easy care and maintenance qualities.
  • Click on the drop down menu to see the options, when the thumbnail appears click again and it will zoom.

Splitback Chair Frej Arm Eik Leg

  • NEW for 2019 is the choice of Black Oak. Your decor and what combines with it, is important to us, so additional options occur regularly.
  • Exploring the drop down menus makes it possible to see the many permutations in the range.
  • Please don’t hesitate to ask for swatches. We are happy to help individualise your choice.
Explore the tabs above as part of your quest for BETTER SLEEP
Delivery for this range of products will be carried out by a leading courier company. Once the order has reached the distribution centre the customer will be contacted to arrange delivery. All orders will be delivered by 2 people and taken into your home, NOT left on a doorstep. You will be in control of your delivery and can request a time that suits your needs.

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Assembly is straightforward, take your time and make sure the pieces are the right way up. Here’s a copy of the Chair w/Frej  assembly instructions

Assembly is straightforward, take your time and make sure the pieces are the right way up. Here’s a copy of the Chair w/ Eik  assembly instructions


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