Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger

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Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger, 25 cm thick mattress, Bed Size 155×200 cm

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Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger

Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger size has been part of the “Excess Lounger” range since 2008. For over ten years it’s been regarded as another gem of a design by Per Weiss. The style is modern and perfect for those who have a large living space.  What a thrill to showcase this super comfortable sofa bed, and at an affordable price.

  • The visual impact of the Supremax Deluxe King Size Sofa Bed is huge. You know just by looking at the 10″/25 cm thick IComfort Excess mattress that it will be admired.  The pocket springs and other comfy fillings are a treat to sit and sleep on. Even lounge around on the massive 155 x 200 cm size bed.
  • This is an elegant but robust frame supported by stainless steel runners, no kidding this is built to last.
  • Features like the stitching details and the tufting at the rear enhance the overall appeal. Hence you will be surprised at how comfortable this sofa is for three and possibly four people, snuggle up and give it a try.
  • Consequently whatever angle the Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger is viewed from will do it justice as it is a stunning  design.

Looking after your purchase

  • Included in the packaging are clear instructions about how to ensure care and maintenance of the product.
  • Furthermore spills and spots are easily removed thanks to the inherent qualities in the fabric.

Finally the FOOTSTOOL is an optional extra. But when added to the sofa bed it will offer a variety of comfortable options for tired legs and feet.

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Delivery for this range of products will be carried out by a leading courier company. Once the order has reached the distribution centre the customer will be contacted to arrange delivery. All orders will be delivered by 2 people and taken into your home, NOT left on a doorstep. You will be in control of your delivery and can request a time that suits your needs.

Assembly is straightforward, take your time and make sure the pieces are the right way up. Here’s a copy of the assembly instructions.


Suprenax Sofa Bed dimensionsInnov Pocket-Spring-ExcessIStyle Excess Pocket Spring Close Up

Love Your Futon

Essentially we feel it makes perfect sense to not just look after your futon but Love Your Futon. When you invest hundreds of pounds in a futon mattress get the best possible use from it. We insert a Care Leaflet with every futon mattress that we make. Therefore please take the time to digest the useful advice on the page. Furthermore as specialist futon mattress makers we want you to benefit from the sound sleep we hope it gives.

First Love

A few customers mention how thick the futon mattresses are when they first arrive in a customer's home. We explain on the leaflet and also when they call that there's air in the layers of filling. As a result the futon has to be in use for a week or so before there's some settlement. This "bedding in" process is completely normal and most of all necessary to have an even surface.

Other Love

While we want to get rid of the air at the beginning of the futon mattress's life, things move on. We very much hope the futon sits on a surface of slats.  This is especially relevant as we want air to circulate around the mattress. If air circulates it will enable a drying out process to occur. We all sweat at night when we sleep and the moisture can reside in the filling and eventually create mould. Drying out the futon will prevent mould from growing. On a hot dry day take your futon outside and let it sit in the sun to get completely dry. An open window can help get the same effect.
After 7-9 years
I hope you will have much use from your wonderful comfy futon mattress. But probably after nearly a decade the time will be approaching when you have to say "goodbye" old friend.

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