Protection for your Futon Mattress

The most exciting and fun part of any futon sale should be the choice of a futon mattress cover. The principle reason for using a cover is that it protects the futon mattress from spills and accidents, as mattresses filled with natural fibres do not like getting wet.

Covers come in a variety of fabrics but the most durable is 100% cotton drill, these are usually plain colours and can be machine washed at low temperatures. A washable removable plain coloured futon mattress cover is an inexpensive way to brighten any piece of futon furniture and can reflect the change in seasons or your mood.

Alternative fabrics can be used such as cotton chenille including upholstery weight fabrics, faux suede and mock leather.  A lively, fun and light hearted way to change the mood of any room in your house, the cover is a finishing touch to a versatile product.

Rooms can be transformed by changing the appearance of a major piece of furniture. Changing from block colour to patterned or vice versa is an inexpensive and creative way to make a statement about your décor and taste in home furnishings.

Fabrics from all over the world are available for covers and these are used more and more to propel futon furniture into the trends within the mainstream of the furniture industry.

Whether the futon mattress cover has a zip around two or three sides or is closed by sticky Velcro matters not because just by using a cover you are giving your futon mattress protection and ensuring it has a longer life for sitting and sleeping.

Finally, your futon mattress cover is meant to not only protect the futon mattress but enliven the look of the piece of furniture and do it in a light hearted way that all the family can enjoy.

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