Refresh or Revamp Your Room Think Screen – Part 1.

Matsu Natural 4 panel Room Divider

Spring is a fabulous time to give a room a makeover, and refreshing the feel of your living space or bedroom is extremely rewarding. As the days start to get lighter and we emerge from hibernation, a fresh start can become the focus of our lifestyle. An easy win might be had by using a screen as part of the revamp.

When you make conscious choices to live more healthily or simply wanting to make our home environment more suited to our needs, it reinforces the feeling that renewal is good for our sense of wellbeing.

Planning change to a room requires thought, in order to avoid costly mistakes or rushed decisions. We spend most of our time in our lounge, bedroom or home office and they have often had a heavy investment in large pieces of furniture which dominate an area. A sofa, bed or desk may need to be replaced to accommodate changing requirements or be something to blend into the restyle of the room. When making a decision to purchase new furniture, budget and necessity should play a part.

Start a room revamp by taking a long, critical look at how the space is currently used and what is in it. Ask yourself some simple questions about each piece of furniture:-

• Does it fulfil an essential purpose?
• Do I love it?
• Can I afford to replace it?
• Does it fit with my vision of the room?

Think carefully about each question, particularly if there is a ‘but’ in the answer. “I need my double bed but I get awful back ache,” suggests that replacing the bed frame or the mattress needs to be a priority.

You may think “I love that sofa but it is really too big for this room” or “but it doesn’t make a good guest bed” then the answer suggests a futon or sofa bed to suit your new style, and this will also improve the functionality of your room.

Next, think about the elements of the room that displease you and focus on improving them. If you have a messy home office in the corner of your living room, a room divider that screens that area from view can make a big difference, hiding clutter and clearing work from your mind while you relax. They are a perfect – and pretty – way to make a room multipurpose, especially in house share accommodation and one bedroom flats.

We often have an emotional attachment to furniture and accessories which cloud our vision and encourage us to keep them, really they are defunct furniture that just clutters space. If you can’t bear to part with something but are no longer pleased with how it looks, consider some of the many upcycling tutorials online to change its appearance. Repurpose furniture to meet your needs and take the opportunity to dump other items that fulfil similar roles but are not precious to you.

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