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Refresh Your Room with a Revamp – Part 2.

All-you-need-Sofa-Bed- w _storage

Giving a room a spring refresh is a great way to lift your spirits and focus on a fresh start for your home. Last week we looked at replacing and repurposing furniture that no long fits the purpose of a room in your home by upgrading to a contemporary wooden bed frame with a more comfortable mattress. Using room dividers to use space creatively while hiding unwelcome clutter from view also greatly improves the look and functionality of a room as well as being a fabulous interior décor accessory.

If you are replacing seating with a futon, there are lots to choose from. Traditional wooden framed varieties will fit with a cottage style room and blend perfectly with floral or feminine design. Finding a classic style of futon with integral storage makes hiding occasional bedding away easy or offers the opportunity to discreetly store supplies of hobby materials, DVDs or magazines.

For a more modern look, a metal framed futon in a 2 or 3 seat configurations blend perfectly with a simplified, minimalist or masculine décor style. If you are upgrading a bedroom, the same basic approach applies.

Once the essential pieces of furniture in the room have been decided, use the rest of the room to compliment your furniture and support the focal point. While a traditional approach to a room is to decorate it in a way that stays the same through the year, current lifestyle trends advocate a seasonal approach that reflects the character of the person, enabling alterations to echo the wider world.

Curtains, blinds and rugs may need to be permanent features due to cost and storage constraints, but a variety of coloured vases, wall pictures, throws or blankets can dramatically alter the feel of a room. Even cushions can be slipped into different colour cases to give a room a fresh boost.

When considering how to accessorise your room, it is easy to try to replicate outdoors but this can be overwhelming. We bring foliage and warm reds, greens and gold into our home at Christmas, giving it warmth and colour at a bleak time of year, but filling our home with blue, silver and snowflake motifs during cold winter months might be too much! Replica flowers, twig lights and houseplants that move from room to room can ring the changes very effectively with little hassle.

Try using popular fashions to provide discreetly hidden useful accessories. Attractive fleece throws, woven blankets and crochet afghans are wonderful at highlighting your room with a new colour or design element but will also work perfectly as extra bedding for your futon during cold months. You won’t even need store it during the rest of the year.