Sex is relevant to your mattress

Hybrid Mattress

Sex is relevant to your mattress for many reasons however society in general but bedding stores sales staff in particular treat the subject as a taboo. Of course it’s an embarrassing subject, but it doesn’t have to be salacious or sleazy just handled with a light touch and meybe a sense of humour. The debate focusing on sex and sleep has been written about by Mark Kinsley  when he guest blogged on Mark Quinn’s blog site, he wrote        ” though sex and sleep may be opposites, they offer similar health benefits. Both boost your immune system and help you maintain a healthy weight. Also, during sex there’s a release of oxytocin which promotes sleep. Sleep and sex should not live in separate worlds, or on separate mattresses…” The thrust of the article is that sex and sleep are not mutually exclusive and there’s no sound reason why both can’t be had from the same mattress. After all our mobile phones have functionality for   telephone, camera, calendar and much more besides so the essence of the debate should be more about finding a quality mattress that offers sound sleep and pleasant intimacy. Another article by Barrons relates research about memory foam filled mattresses and that very good for some people to sleep on were not necessarily ideal for sex. New York sex therapist Sari Eckler Cooper couldn’t be clearer: “There’s a lack of resistance for the knees and feet. And whoever is on the bottom is sinking into the bed.” Mark Kinsley mentions that innerspring mattresses represent a large proportion of mattress sales.  These mattresses feature a comfortable layer on top and bottom like rebound polyester,  woolfelt  or latex and these layers complement the supportive, responsiveness innerspring core. Living in a world of sleep or sex is no longer necessary, you can have both, good combinations work, and that’s what people want. In the U.S. this type of  mattress is called a “hybrid” and there’s even a rap to go with it: hybrid rap song by Springs & Phoam. The UK has its own “hybrids” and companies such as futonsonline  and Cambridge Futons offer a selection, such as the PocketSprungLux or the PocketSprungRegular. The choice of either medium or firm mattresses gives customers the opportunity to decide what suits them best to attain the twin goals of good sleep and sex or the other way round.

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