Sleep finding ways to get more

Sleep finding ways to get more

Why a bedroom should not be just another family room. Sleep finding ways to get more or enough of it is a broad subject and here’s the first in a series of posts that may help.

Most people enjoy a good night’s sleep. There is little doubt “a good kip” is a necessity for putting the anxieties of the day behind you and setting up the body for the events of the following day.

An essential element in getting “proper rest” is the state of your bedroom. The reason society has developed a separate place to sleep is that it’s a unique environment; try not to have too much clutter.

Your bedroom should have curtains or blinds that shut out light completely so morning sun doesn’t wake you too early, something that can easily disturb your sleep particularly in summer months. Good quality curtains help keep noise levels from traffic and disturbances in the street down to a minimum.

Extremes of temperature affect sound sleep so err on the side of coolness if you use central heating. Also, try to find natural bedding, all cotton or silk sheets together with a decent duvet will help peaceful rest. If it’s too warm in your bed, make changes.

When getting ready to sleep a radio is a better option that the stimulating effect of television. If at all possible a computer should be used in a room other than the bedroom. Of all aids to sleep, reading is probably the best.

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