Sofa Beds

Since 1980 our business has revolved around furniture generally but Sofa particular. Having done my fair share of travelling and slept on many surfaces I thought it about time to try and make a difference in some way.
The stars aligned on a North – South axis between Amerstam and Copenhagen. I could see the useful nature of Futon Furniture as I helped unload a truck for a friend who was opening a shop in Central Amsterdam and a new pal commenting on how he felt he could improve the design of the classic futon “A” frame. (picture) I had recently been in South America and had met a Danish timber importer.
I went to see the wood man and for some down time wentt to a Jazz venue where in no time flat I was offered an apartment. Similar street level flats were retail premises and as I had fallen in love with a lovely Swedish girl and the delightful city my business was born.
Enough ancient history, the facts are when you look at well designed sofa beds they are versatile, space saving, healthy and affordable.
Versatile because frames are made from timber both softwood Pine and hardwood Oak, Beech and Maple. Metal frames are functional and they are easy to convert from sofa to bed and vice versa. Many metal sofa beds can be opened and closed with one hand.
This website is all about choice and giving value so when dwelling more closely on versatility it has to be mentioned there are x5 sizes of wooden sofa beds and verious options for metal sofa beds.
Futon furniture is often sneered at in the UK but that’s mostly because of manufacturers not caring and having the “pile ’em high sell them cheap” philosophy, sad but true. Our way has been to source world wide the best wooden and metal frames we could find and make the mattresses here in the UK with quality fillings. These days all our fillings are chemical free and we stay away ffrom materials that tend to compact. Comfort is an essential ingredient in our futon mattresses and we reckon on average if you sleep everyday on our futons you will have at least 7-9 years use at about 8p per night. For us health and comfort go together and as you look around the site you will find more information about these subjects.
Modern living is very often about utilising space. Over the past decades lofts and cellars have been transformed into useful living spaces and without doubt our futon furniture is the easiest way to furnish these areas of the home. picture video
Having covered versatilty, space saving, health we arrive at the affordable nature of futon sofa beds. Most sofa beds are upholstered and cost in excess of £1000.00 or thereabouts. The fundamental flaw with these products is that they may be decent sofas but are rubbish beds. This is because when you remove the cushions there is generally a fold out cheap metal frame with a skinny foam mattress not fit for man or beast. The design is such that there’s no way to put a proper thick mattress under those cushions.
Our futon sofa beds are as good as sofas as they are beds, and cost somewhere between £300.00-£600.00 tops.

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