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Tatami Mat Care


Tatami mat characteristics

Tatami mat care is important as its a product that uses natural materials. The core is compressed rice straw, sea grass surrounds that centre part and then a brocade edge is added.

Making sure that there are no infestations of bugs and that the mats are bone dry is a critical process. Therefore the constituent materials are heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit / 60 degrees Celsius.

This heat application in an oven ensures export documentation will be given. Because of the heat process importers can confidently sell to end users.

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Beating the After Christmas Sleep Blues.

Holiday seasons have a profound effect on our body clock and natural rhythms; we unwind into time off work with no school run and a few days away from commitments. We relax into later mornings and staying up to enjoy child-free evenings or socialising with friends. If there are no young children pulling us out of bed at the crack of dawn we naturally adjust to a sleep/wake cycle that suit our needs.

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Sex is relevant to your mattress

Hybrid Mattress

Sex is relevant to your mattress for many reasons however society in general but bedding stores sales staff in particular treat the subject as a taboo. Of course it’s an embarrassing subject, but it doesn’t have to be salacious or sleazy just handled with a light touch and meybe a sense of humour. Continue reading Sex is relevant to your mattress