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Answering Web Questions About Futon Sofa Beds

Answering web questions about futon sofa beds such as:

Are Futon Mattresses Good To Sleep On?

You are assured a great night’s sleep on a futon mattress. Therefore choose one that uses good quality materials and made by a specialist futon manufacturer. It’s usually a question of the more you pay the better level of comfort you’ll enjoy. Try and find a mattress that’s a minimum 6”/14 cm thick. If in use on a 3 seat frame or bed frame even thicker. There’s a lot of choice for filling materials. Consequently the more natural fibres such as wool, latex and coir will last longer than man made filling like polyester. Pocket springs also offer a comfy feel for your sitting/sleeping surface.

To find out more about what makes a great quality futon mattress, click here to download our futon buyers advice guide .

Answering web questions about futon sofa beds such as

Which Is Better – Futon or Sofa Bed

It depends on why you are asking which is better. If you are asking which looks better, then that’s a question of personal taste. If asking which will give the best level of comfort and durability? Probably the answer depends on each individual piece of furniture. Our advice is make a list of your requirements. Hence, measure the space where it will go. Think about how firm/not so firm, wood or metal etc. This way you can have a clearer picture to judge each piece and whether it suits your needs.

Answering web questions about futon sofa beds such as:

Is A Futon Good For Your Back?

A futon mattress if well made from a specialist company is fantastic for your  back. The reason being the heavier parts of your body such as hips and shoulders lays on the surface of the mattress.Most noteworthy they don’t sink in and consequently that’s what will keep your spine in alignment. Especially relevant it leads to restorative sleep. But it does go back to the quality issue. If you are laying on a poor quality mattress, thin with poor quality fibres, beware. You risk getting a bad back, time off work, being grumpy and worse kicking the cat.

What Is The Best Futon Mattress for Sleeping?

Futons Online carry a very wide range of futon sofa bed mattresses. Click here to view our range. If you are unsure which mattress will be best for you, you can always contact us by email: or phone 020 7223 7212 to discuss your needs.

Is It Bad To Sleep On A Futon?

No, it’s not bad to sleep on a futon. However, you must ensure that the futon has all the attributes that will give you the best chance of a proper night’s sleep. It must be made by a specialist, have fillings that are tailored to your requirements and support your back so you have restful restorative sleep.

Whatever your questions or concerns about buying the right futon sofa bed, click here to contact us and we will help you to make an informed decision.