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Fibrefill filling top and bottom

Modern Mattress Filling = Fibrefill

Fibrefill is a recyclable filling for many items however the focus here, is Innovation Living mattresses.

Cotton v Fibrefill

  • First of all as a manufacturer Innovation are always conscious of the environment.
  • Therefore they desire to leave as small a footprint on Planet Earth as possible. As a UK stockist of the Innovation brand like to broadcast the positive forward thinking changes as rolled out.
  • So, the latest change will push Innovation into an even more exalted position of Eco friendly businesses.
  • For many years cotton was in use as a filling for some of the One Room Living range of mattresses. Cotton has several useful qualities as a convertible sofa bed filling. But the challenge is to find better fillings.
  • To find a progressive alternative is progress for the consumer and manufacturer.
  • Cotton however has drawbacks, it’s heavy, it compacts and the toll on the soil where cotton grows is severe. Water consumption of the crop is massive. The conclusion was clear, too many resources were compromised and its use had lost value.
  • Consequently, for some time there has been a search for an alternative that will provide significant change. Most noteworthy was the search to find a filling with characteristics to be more useful in the recycle sense.
  • Fibrefill_Spring_Mattress_replaces_Cotton

The fibrefill Innovation use is Oeko-Tex® certified. Since to recycle is important for Innovation Living it will come as no surprise to see that their care for the Environment is essential. I have been to the Danish facility in Randers and the commitment to excellent work conditions hence provision of a clean environment for all is impressive.
Also, fibrefill is better at retaining its form and shape within the mattress. Most of all the mattress has a longer life and more comfort for the customer over a longer period.
Furthermore the company see adhering to the EUs “REACH” standards as critical. Adopting these regulations will improve the protection of human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals.

Environmental compliance

There’s an obligation for Innovation to continually raise the levels for their environmental profile. All recyclable materials are in reuse for other productions. Consequently their residual, combustible waste reduces the impact on the environment. Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of these technologies.
Especially relevant when distributing to over 88 countries is the importance placed on reducing the environmental impact of logistics stemming from CO 2 emissions. To minimise pollution, their sofa beds are flat-packed. Producing at regional facilities reduces the distances of transportation.
As a result the company reduces packaging to the minimum needed for safe transportation.
In conclusion Innovation Living has inter-generational families in senior management they are conscious of the need to try and hand a better environment to the next generation.