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Why a Futon is the perfect bed arrangement for a teenager

Teenage bedroom mess

One minute they are children, with princesses and pirates on the wall and the next minute, there is a house full of hormone driven teenagers; they retreat to their bedrooms and start covering the mural you had lovingly painted on the wall with posters of pop stars. When it is time to redecorate the bedroom to accommodate this new version of emerging young adult, finding the perfect mix of practical, affordable and ‘teenage approved’ style can be difficult.

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Helping Teenagers Sleep Well

Teenagers sleeping well

New research highlights the dangers that teens having poor sleep patterns can trigger; the distractions of modern life – computers, phones and constant online interaction, further disrupts sleeping habits that are already disturbed by changing hormones. As they move from the child phase to adult life, low quality sleep and simply not enough time to sleep deeply and well seriously affects daily life and can trigger serious concerns for young adults. Drugs, alcohol problems and poor decisions regarding casual relationships can be linked to teens finding it difficult to adapt their own rest needs as they mature.

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