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Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are very important for companies that sell on the internet. It seems to be crucial for the success of an online shop

Testimony reflects how a customer feels about the product or service they may have bought.

Furthermore it can also reflect how good or not so good the customer service is during transactions.

As a result those people that interact with customers all have a bearing on the outcome. The more positive a transaction is, the more likely there will be positive testimony to follow.

On the other hand it only takes a minor slip up to create negative feedback. It could be the way something is said or not knowing their product.

Company policy should emphasise courtesy so that employees are aware of its importance.

The currency of the internet world is trust. Consequently to gain that trust is at the heart of successful trading and therefore better testimonials.

Especially relevant are responses to problems. This may be email or telephone calls. While it’s not difficult to fire off an email, more care should be taken and probably the responses will reflect that thoughtfulness.

Reviews are another type of credibility. Many companies have fallen foul of bogus reviews and these should be avoided at all costs. The public at large sees clearly  when testimony is not real.