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Futonsonline 5 star service logoBrilliant!!!!!  Done.  Amazing level of service…. Now just got to get that circular saw cut neat.  Will send photos once complete.  Tatami whole floor Rodger Boulton  20/11/2019

Futonsonline 5 star service logoHi Keith, We received the futon yesterday. Excellent quality, very happy with the purchase. Thanks, Paula Lera Tradlux 3’ Cottonsafe

Futonsonline 5 star service logoHi Keith, Long time no speak.  I am loving the bed. Thank you very much. I’m emailing because I’m about to move house and I’ve lost the assembly instructions for the bed. (Twist headboard bed). By any chance do you have a PDF copy you could send over? Kind regards,  Alex   Hi Keith,    Thanks so much for this. That’s really helpful  Twist A I

Futonsonline 5 star service logoDo you usually help putting the frame together on delivery? Thanks for all your friendly and swift communication!  Best Wishes, Freya.   Blues Bed

Futonsonline 5 star service logoThanks again for all your help. It was so useful to review the various futon options with you and we especially appreciate your ability to change the colour to suit our needs, even after we placed the order.  The futon arrived as expected and quite easy to unpack and place.  It is very comfortable as a couch and visitors have reported that they slept well.  Thanks again, Henie & Phil

Futonsonline 5 star service logoHi Keith, All good Futon has arrived today. Driver called and we arranged for a 2nd round. I went home from work over lunch to receive the goods ! Having it rolled out airing at the moment. Looks very nice and I can’t wait to see how I’ll sleep on it. Thanks again for you service & support having it shipped to Dublin. All the best for the future and take care. Best wishes  Holger TwinLoft

Futonsonline 5 star service logo Hi Keith,  As I thought but thanks, it is really easy to put the thing together, even for an architect though.  Best wishes and thanks,  George & Mary Stastny   Cubed Sofa Bed w/Wooden Legs 160 cm

Futonsonline 5 star service logo Thanks for the good advice and service.  If no one here we have a back porch that is safe and dry. Lynn Soloman bought for her Autistic son, he uses it as a trampoline.  Morning, Dan slept like a log!  Only drawback he didn’t want to get up ! TwinLoft Futon Mattress 4’6” 9/9/19

Futonsonline 5 star service logo Hi Keith, Just to let you know the mattress arrived today. It looks and feels really great.  Neil Hockings  Isle of Man    Regular Futon Mattress 4’6″

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  5/10/2018 Dear Keith, The Innovation Cubed 140 sofa bed is just perfect in every way. I want to congratulate you on the product and your refreshingly personal approach to customer service. In particular many thanks for going out of your way and using your influence in Denmark to bring our delivery date forward when Innovation’s original estimate gave us a problem. Thank you so much also for delivering and assembling the sofa-bed yourself. I was generally impressed with the product and the service and unreservedly recommend Futons-online to anyone looking for products in your specialist area. – Roderick Mac, Islington, London.

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  19/9/2018 Thanks Keith, really appreciate the reply, especially on a weekend. I will show my husband. – where the plastic fitting goes on seat deck. Katharine Heard Cavendish 3 seat

Futonsonline 5 star service logo 6/9/2018 Dear Keith, Futon was left in the front garden. It was well packaged and We have taken it out of the packaging and put it on the bed. It looks great and I am so looking forward to sleeping on it.  Thank you for all you have done to help and communicate so well.  Thank you once again.  Andre Artgole Tradlux Bespoke 160 cm

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  4/9/2018 Keith, We received the new mattress today and most of all it looks great. Many thanks for all of your help! Kind regards,  Hazel Brock FutoMat Pocket Spring

Futonsonline 5 star service logo   20/08/2018  Hi Keith,  Thanks, the Futomat is great and the Saturday delivery went very well. Best wishes, Pocket Spring Futomat    Imad Jaimoukha

Futonsonline 5 star service logo 24/7/2018 Hi Keith  It came yesterday morning and is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate your time and efforts to get it here. I love it!!!  Best regards Sara Erahdun  Beat Day Bed  Ireland

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  24/5/2018  Keith  Have received sofa, thanks. Will put it together next week when less busy. It looks great. Thanks, Jacqui Stead Cubed 140 cm Wooden Leg Red Rust

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  26/6/2018 Hi Keith  Just wanted to say thanks for the sofa bed last month. Since been in use. Great stuff!  Cheers Larry Mindel Cubed 140 cm

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  30/10/2017 Hi Keith, We bought a futon from you last year to sleep on for a few months whilst we had visitors and are delighted with it. It’s now apparent that it’ the only mattress I can sleep on with my awful back. So…do you have the exact same mattress as we ordered before (attached) but in king Size so we can put it on our big bed ?   Thanks, Robert Jeffers Regular

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  13/2/2018 They’re lovely pillowcases, perfect for my fat bamboo pillows ? Jan Trezise Large Pillowcases for Bamboo

Futonsonline 5 star service logo   5/6/2017  Pat Bow   I was thinking of a Japanese theme in the bedroom anyway so your bed is ideal Have her pics. of spiral stairs. Blues Bed Karup

Futonsonline 5 star service logo 4/11/2017  Hi Keith, Thank you for a quick response and all the information provided. I found it really helpful in making my decision 🙂  I wish you a lovely weekend.   Yeey! I’m so happy 🙂 Thank you very much for all your help!   I love my mattress so much 🙂 think it’s the best one on the planet Kindest regards, Anna Rogowska  Japan 140cm w Tradlux

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  6/11/2017 Hello Keith,Wendy here again from Inderwick Road in Crouch End. The futon bought in October 2010 has had good wear and it’s now time to replace it. Plus I have requested assembly and the removal of the old futon. Hope all is well with you & I look forward to hearing back. With best wishes, Wendy Rowan Oslo Sofa Bed

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  19/10/2107 Keith, I do feel grateful to you for helping me get the base; I couldn’t imagine losing the sofa bed/making a DIY Base! Thanks, indeed. Vincent Vyne  Innovation spares

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  Thanks Keith! There’s the answer! I have not opened the mattress yet! I am recovering from surgery so have a friendly fireman coming to help me with that last bits! Enjoyed putting the metal part together. Excellent instructions. Thank you.Jane Seymour Pangkor

Futonsonline 5 star service logo   Hi Keith, I am pleased to tell you that the screen has arrived and the red mist has lifted.  I can even now spell guessed, although guest could have been a freudian slip,  Guest of Her Majesty’s Prison if I had had any more dealings with Parcel Farce. Anyway, that aside, I am very pleased with the screen.  It is exactly what I wanted.  Kind Regards  Christine John

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  Hi Keith, I just wanted to thank you for everything, I got the mattress and bed frame last week and I’m really enjoying it. it looks lovely and the mattress was surprisingly comfy, I always thought that futon weren’t that comfortable.  my cat seems to think the same. Have a lovely day Alex Franco Dock Bed + Tatami.

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  Hello Keith – yes the futon was delivered without a hitch on Saturday. The timing was perfect as I had just gone outside to walk the dogs and the delivery van appeared!  We really like the futon. Fits into the boat well and looks like it was purpose made!  Many thanks for getting in touch. Best wishes Catherine Platero  Madrid Sofa Bed

Futonsonline 5 star service logo 15/2/2017  Hi Keith Many thanks for nuts and bolts…. and the tools… wasn’t expecting that!  Regards, Sue Marriott

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  26/1/2017 Hi Keith, Excellent! Thank you so much for your swift and friendly service.  I have just one last question regarding the installation of the dock bed frame. Will I need any tools to assemble or does it come with all parts ready to put together. Mat Hart Dock Tatami Tradlux Futon Mattress Box Bamboo Pillows

Futonsonline 5 star service logo   Hey, it’s been great…I’ve always really been impressed by how well Innovation sofas hold up to daily use.  Aiken Oliver Old School Sofa Bed

Am willing to go that bit further

Futonsonline 5 star service logo  6/1/2017 Thank you so much Keith, prompt service, good customer care and great quality stock. Mattress is so comfortable, a good night sleep will be had tonight. Thank you so much  Jutta MacKinnon

Futonsonline 5 star service logo 19/12/2016 Hi Keith, Just wanted to let you know, I am the proud owner of 1 futon cover. Thank you very much for all of your help.Kind regards Maggie Casey

Futonsonline 5 star service logo   21/11/2016 Hi Keith  We are really happy about the tatami mat which is already in place. Angela Fedi Nursery school  Tatami Mat

16/10/2016  Keith I have now arranged to be in all day on Monday so could receive the delivery then. Many thanks for making a special effort for me.With kind regards – Chris Wray

16/10/2016  Hi Keith, Many thanks for delivering the Tatami mats on Saturday. They are comfortable and I like them very much.  Yahui Datou Tatami Mats & Flannelette Bedding

16/9/2016 The futon arrived safely in good time and we have set it up – it looks beautiful! Lita Power Milan 3 seat w/Ultimo Futon Mattress

27/7/2016 Hi Keith, Just a quick note to say thanks for the emails and great customer service. Our new futon is up and looking really nice, ready for guests in the guest room. Delivery went smoothly and we’re two happy customers. Best wishes, Tony Bedewi  Cavendish 3 seat w/Ultimo Duck Egg Blue

Hello Keith, Many thanks for the futon it is excellent, and many thanks for the great communication throughout the process. If you would like me to leave feedback on any site please let me know and send me the link. Kind regards – Joe Sadler – Pangkor w/Regular Futon Mattress  29/4/2016

  Keith.  I just wanted to say thanks.  Futon and tatami mats arrived yesterday with no problems and I love them. I slept very well 🙂 Have a lovely day. Arianna  Tatami Mats x2 & Regular Futon Mattress – Arianna Andreuzzi 17/4/2016

7/8/2016  Hello Keith That’s great news, thanks for all your efforts as I’m sure the complications of shipping to Jersey is not a regular occurrence for you.  I will certainly be recommending you to anyone over here who I hear is looking to buy anything that you supply. Regards -Richard Jones

Hi Keith Everything went fine thanks. There was only one delivery man but he was great and carried everything up for me. I love the look of the sofa bed and it went together really easily. Thanks for all your great help I will be recommending you too my friends Anna Hurst Pangkor w/Reflex Foam Futon Mattress 17/6/2016

Hi Keith – it’s looking fantastic! It took Ben a couple of hours but it now has pride of place in the front room. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery and advice throughout! Best wishes, Jennifer Angles  Innovation Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger 15/5/2016

Thanks Keith, yes all good and the courier was very helpful too. The bed is so lovely . Many thanks Hazel Kennedy Karup Partners Twist Bed  12/4/2016

Hi Keith Just wanted to let you know I love my new Futon cover – east to put on and it has transformed the look of the conservatory!.
Thanks very much for your phone call, what a friendly man you seem. Many thanks – and I will probably order another one soon when I feel like a change of colour…Kind regards Lynne Coleman 18/5/2016

Customers appreciate value

Hello, Delivery Saturday morning. On time as expected. No issue with parcel. Perfect Job. Many thanks Raphael B CocoLux Futon Mattress w/Piping  18/5/2016

I love the futon – exactly what I have been looking for to turn our lounge into a guest bedroom in our small London flat.
SLIGHT BLEMISH>Replacement given  Replacement arrived – wow, quick!!!! The part is perfect. Thanks again for your help and great customer service – really appreciated. Kind regards Warrick Akino arm 22/4/2016

Hi Keith Just to let you know the futon mattress arrived by 9 this morning, so thank you for a great service!! Given the old futon a new lease of life! Thanks, Louise Dyer 30/11/2014

Good Morning Keith Just a quick email to say that I am delighted with the futon which arrived yesterday afternoon. The colour is just right for my house and it looks extremely comfortable too. I’m glad I didn’t go with Amazon!  Many thanks Regards Anne McCallum 28/2/2016

Hi Keith,
I tried the cover on my futon, and it looks lovely. Have decided to keep it. I am so sorry to have caused so much fuss.  Thank you for the lovely cover. Kind regards   Jenny Hill  20/1/2016

The futon’s just been delivered and I am delighted with it, it’s as firm as I wanted and I hope that it will be as good to sleep on as it looks. The delivery man was first class, he brought it upstairs and unwrapped it for me and took the old mattress downstairs for me. And by the way, it is 44 inches wide, it fits my frame beautifully. Thank you for your quick and attentive service. I feel happy now.  Carole Lakomski 11/2/2016

This sofa bed looks amazing. The quality is second to none and it makes for a spacious and comfortable double bed. It is a very flexible with chair that can also be used as a foot stool. An excellent buy! The customer service was also excellent. We were informed at every stage of the process and delivery was organised to be at a time convenient to us. Would highly recommend the product and the company! Innovation Long Horn & Long Horn Chair Aurelie Relia

Hi Keith, Futon has just been delivered. Thank you for your gallant effort in getting this to me on time. I haven’t put it together yet, but it looks to be very comfortable. Your kind attention is much appreciated. Classic Chair/Bed w/Flexi Pocket  Hector Munro  2//9/2015

 BTW – love my screen (I’ve made a corner of the kitchen into my ‘office’!) It’s so beautifully made & looks great! Thank you. Kind regards, Teresa Rumble  Fuji 4 Panel Screen 25/8/2015

    Hi, The sofa bed was delivered today and we’re very pleased with it. Thanks for your help.Innovation Rhomb Sofa Bed  Mary Fischer  2015-08-26

   Hi Keith, Perfect buy. Simple, clean-lined and Swedish design, this sofa is perfect for our daughter’s room. It’s as comfortable as everyday sofa and folds out easily to become a spacious double bed. Easy to assembly with a little fabric storage underneath for pillows and summer duvet. I hope it will last for years to come. Thank you again. Innovation Recast Sofa Bed  Julia Avdiu 15/7/2015

Hello Keith, Just to let you know our futon arrived this morning. Thanks for a great service.Debs Thompson 4/8/2015

Anything you want to know about sofa beds please get in touch

  Keith, The delivery was fine, thank you, and we are very pleased with the end result. Thanks very much.Laurence Beard. Bebop w/Regular Mattress & x2 Cushions 5/7/2015

Keith, Thanks so much for the amendment. Yes I appreciated having testimonials to read before my purchase. When comparing products and companies I find that testimonials can make all the difference in the decision making process. I shall be needing to replace my futon mattress at some point in the future and will definitely be coming back to you then.Thanks again. kind regards Suzanne O 16/6/2015

Hi Keith, Greetings from London N1.”We bought an Innovation Debonair Sofa Bed, and are very happy with it. Futonsonline gave us good advice. We recommend them!” All best wishes Tim & Zara  24/6/2015

  5/5/2015 Dear Keith, Our Futon mattress arrived on Thursday as you said it would. The fabric colour Kingfisher blue is really lovely, the fabric too is very pleasing so thank you very much for an excellent service.Very best regards Julia Midgley Regular Futon Mattress 4’6″

27/4/2015 Hi Keith, The Titan Bed & Ultimo Futon Mattress looks good, and is solid and well made.. So there is no chance that its’ 19 year old occupant , my son, can break it! Also easy to assemble and good value. The futon mattress is comfortable and I have received rave comments about it from my son. I would also add that I thought the service you and Futons Online gave us was excellent. Thanks Tim Lord

25/4/2015 I decided to buy the low level Dock bed, due to its simple functional design, it is sturdy in its construction and when used along with the tatami mats and a futon delivers a perfect nights sleep. Would definitely recommend it ! Jeffrey Gill Dock Low Level Bed w/Tatami Mats

Excellent Quality 8/4/2015 We purchased two of these day beds for our living room. We were looking for a compact sofa that could also be used by guests for sleeping. The sofas took longer than normal to arrive (about 8 weeks) but were certainly worth the wait! They are really stylish and very comfortable. Excellent quality indeed. Keith helpfully delivered the sofas and then assembled one so that I could do the second one more easily. I highly recommend these sofas if you are looking for a high quality minimalist look, especially if you have slightly limited space. Thanks very much Keith–we are very happy! David Burton  Innovation Living Zeal Day Bed

5/1/2015 Hi Keith Item received, built and in use I do like the quality of the cover too. Many thanks Bambo Efstathiou Pangkor 4’6″ w/Regular

13/1/2014 I have received the delivery,Thank you Keith, it’s amazing service.I really appreciate you for doing it so quickly. Ritesh Patel Cavendish 3 seat

That’s great Keith. You’re a real star and I would (and will) recommend your service to anybody. Thanks once again for organising the delivery we will be there to receive the futon, working with you is really enjoyable. A five STAR experience.I will, if I may, drop you an email once the futon arrives, to thank you once again.with kind regards and best wishes, Andrew Pilkington TradLux wanted firm

Hi Keith Yes it is up and running and we love it, thank you! It seems to be very good quality. The bed is a little hard so we’ve bought a topper to make it softer. The mechanism works well and the storage is bonus. Many thanks for following up on the sale ! Kind regards Vanessa Guernsey Innovation Cubed 140 Sofa Bed

4/9/2014 Thank you for both your informative responses.. refreshing… like real ginger beer!  Regards Sue Marriott Madrid Sofa Bed w/TradLux

15/4/2014 Dear Keith ,Yes please, let’s press on…..can I have a cream one please ? I would prefer to do the business online as I am in enough trouble as it is ! Please invoice me and I will of course pay immediately by pay pal or whatever you would prefer. Thank you so much for your wonderful help. Best wishes from a Bright Futoneer ! Pangkor 4’6″ w/Reflex Foam

Delivery times vary but the service is constant

 11/4/2014 Hi Keith Just to let you know I received the sofa bed. Fantastic service from you and your team Now to put it together Jim Duffy Akino 3 seat

25/1/2013 Thanks for your phone call on Saturday. My apologies I have not got back to you sooner (I assumed you were closed on Sunday, and I have been away with work until now). We did receive the Pangkor Futon all ok at around 11.30am on Satuday – built it Saturday night and all was great. My good lady and I are thrilled with it. Thank you for all your help with this.Regards,Matt Deakin Pangkor 4’6 w/Regular

20/9/2014 Hi Keith,Thanks for that. And thanks for taking the time the other weekend to let Miya, me and our daughter come look at your mattresses in person.We’re expecting visitors on Wednesday and were hoping to have the futon on the same day. I fully understand that we should have planned this better and ordered earlier, but I thought I’d let you now just in case there was any chance of getting the delivery a day earlier.No worries if not, we’ll just have to get an air mattress out for the first night.Cheers,Mats Classic w/Flexi Pocket

22/10/2013 Dear Keith, I was very impressed with the service and furthermore impressed with the product. Constructed efficiently, quickly and to an excellent standard, the mattress is exactly as we were hoping it would be. Keith offered professional, friendly advice, making the whole purchase experience stress free and efficient. We will certainly look to buy from futons online again in the future.
Kind regards, Natalìa D’Onofrio Bianchini TradLux 3’0″

7/3/2014 Hi Keith, Thanks for letting me know. I will email you a picture of the box, which is quite bashed! I didn’t notice when it arrived as the delivery man bought it in and the damaged side was the one he leant on the wall! Many thanks for dealing with this. Excellent and prompt customer service...Best Regards Beth Moorley  Hi Keith, New slats arrived undamaged and are in place as I write.Thanks for all your help. Beth Moorley Kiwi 5’0″ & Replacement parts

25/5/2014 All set up, straight forward), thanks again.Jon Grey Innovation Living Dublexo Sofa and Chair

18/11/2013 Hi, Keith, yes, everything ok, delivered the sofa later in the afternoon, it is now assembled and looking great. My kids were helping my husband to assemble it and I found it nice and ready when I got back from work.We live in Athlone Thanks a lot, you’ve been very helpful along the way.Patrycja Kutyla Akino 3 seat

16/11/2013 Dear Sirs It was a pleasure dealing with your company futons on line it makes a change to deal with a business that looks after the requirements of its customers and does so with such expediency. Many thanks for your attention. Dr Sir Alan Clemens President/Founder The Association of Osteomyology T.A.O.

All sorts of comments

22/8/2013 Hi Keith, Just to confirm that we got the Cavendish 3 seater with all the parts intact, thanks very much. My adolescent son slept on it last night for the first time and reports that it was “very comfortable”. Obviously we had to ask him four times before he actually spoke to us– but I’d rate that as high praise, even so! I fully expect to pester you for an extra mattress cover in a few months time, …. best till then, Vic Allen Cavendish 3 seat w/TwinLoft Futon Mattress

11/8/2013 Hi Keith, Thank you for the telephone call, I have opened the Futon and the cover is there, l am very pleased with the goods and service you have provided, Regards, Sue Minshull Econo 4’0″ w/Regular &Top Cover

17/7/2013 Dear Keith, Thak you so much for such a prompt and professional service for our strange dimensioned futon mattress. You have breathed life into an old loved chair and our bottoms are grateful. Clair Kotze Regular Futon 85 x 180 cm

22/7/2013 Hi Keith, the futons have arrived. They are everything I had hoped for. Thank you so much for getting then in time for our camping holiday. Mina Tulip Outta Trouble x2

1/7/2013 Hi Keith, The futon is fantastic! We decided to get another top cover so we have a spare, and thanks you for sending it so quickly. I had our second baby (boy) at home on Sunday evening, and we spent his first night on the futon bed, camping in our living room….. super handy! Sunny wishes, Chloe Akino 3 seat w/Ultimo Top Cover & x2 Matsu Screens

14/6/2013 Thank you for a very nice futon bed. It arrived on time in the morning and was packaged very well. Putting it together was a doddle even for me. The bed makes a very nice piece of furniture and the mattress is just what I wanted. Thanks you for your good help and guidance in choosing it. I am sending a picture of the bed in place, Oscar Joachim Shogun Oak Bed &Ultimo w/Wool Hemp Chemical Free Cover

27/4/2013 Hi Keith, Yes it has arrived and is amazing, wish we got them ages ago. Steph Zissler  Anti Slip x 2

26/3/2013 Dear Keith, Many thanks for the futon you sold me, the information you gave me and the product itself was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people. All the best, Meredith Burdett  PocketSprungLux 4’6″

9/3/2013 Hi Keith, The service was easy, efficient and friendly the futon is exactly what I needed. I come up against so much inefficiency sometimes it’s a relief to find someone who knows their product inside out and has all the systems in place for an efficient friendly service.. My clients love the futon, Stephanie Goj Outta Trouble 4’6″

15/3/2013 Keith, Many thanks for a great customer service.Jack Dunn Palm 3 seat w/Ultimo Futon

15/1/2013  I’ve received the futon on Friday. Slept on it Friday night, with my wife and 2 year old son that’s so excited about the new bed. We woke up at 10.00 a.m. the next day! That is very unusual, we never oversleep , even on weekends. It is your mattress’s fault! Way too comfy! Seriously it is a huge step from my old tired futon, and I don’t recall that futon being as comfortable as yours. Thanks so much for all your help, really appreciated. Cheers, Davide Bello FutoLatex 5’0″

1/1/2014 We received our futon all right. The first two nights have been very sweet. Thank you very much for the quality of the product and service. Thanks for your support. Regards, Hijin Kim TwinLoft 5’0″ Futon Mattress

14/11/2012 We are very pleased with the futon. Keith quickly provided fabric samples when we emailed for them, and also answered queries on the phone about getting the futon up a staircase. We were able to obtain the futon in a short time, so we could put up extra guests at Christmas. The online photos and videos were very clear and made it easy to choose without the need to actually view our choice. All very prompt and friendly service. Thanks, Linda Wells Akino 2 seat w/Regular Futon

After 40 years I should know what it’s all about

7/12/2015 Hi Keith, See what I can do: a guest is using it in a room. Great service! I will definitely use you again. Minh Hang Bulgari Hotel Matsu Screen x 2

30/11/2015 Hi Keith, I finally did get the futon on Wednesday at about 18.45. The driver had been sick halfway into his deliveries so they had to get another driver. It’s day two and we are really very happy with the mattress so far.It’s exactly what we wanted. The quality and the finishing is really excellent and best of all my Dad (who has had Slipped Disc surgery done) who never liked the mattresses in the UK before, is also pleased with and managed to sleep peacefully. Thanks for your professional advice and help with us choosing the right mattress. Bhupendra Sonney CocoLux 5’0″

10/10/2012 Dear Keith, It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. You provided full and helpful advice, immediate delivery of the samples and delivery of the futon itself was both flexible and prompt. We are very pleased with the futon itself- it’s enormously comfortable.Best wishes, Marion Schoenfield Pangkor w/drawer & Regular Futon

Received my futon and the day I started sleeping on it my back stopped hurting. There’s nothing like sleeping on natural materials and the firmness is very pleasant, I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you for such great service. Paulina Cuburu TradLux Futon 10/10/2012

3/9/2012 Hi Keith, Just wanted to say thank you. The futon arrived on Friday as promised. It’s very good quality and the wood is nicely finished. The mattress is very comfortable and we love the Lime Green colour (thanks for sending the swatches). It was easy to assemble and it’s a perfect fit for the space. I’m so glad I chose to purchase from futonsonline.co.uk rather than a big retailer from which I’m sure the quality wouldn’t be so good.

I’ll definitely  recommend futonsonline if I know anyone that’s looking to purchase one.Kind regards Andrew Brown Kiwi 4’0″ w/Regular Futon Mattress 3/9/2012

6/8/2012 Hi Keith, The futon mattress is awesome, though the piece de resistance was the anti slip mat, that thing is magic. Thx, Gavin Woods TwinLoft 4’0″ & Anti Slip Mat 6/12/2015

18/7/2012 Hello Keith, Thank you for your patience and advice, and for the efficient service of your company. Everything worked out well and we do so enjoy the benefits of our new mattress. Kind regards, Hamish Neave Futon Regular 4’6″ 8/11/2012

Dear Keith, I have been going through a major refurbishment of my flat…and of all the suppliers I have dealt with in the past 6 months 80% have failed to deliver what they promised. However without cause I am delighted to say in your case.The futon looks really good, it’s plump and comfortable, not saggy or flimsy. I like the fabric it seems likely not to show stains or marks. So far I would say the frame is exceptionally comfortable and likely to stay that way. The anti slip mat is doing its job perfectly just as you said it would. So thank you very much for an all round perfect service. You have been honest, accurate understanding and patient. You sold me an excellent futon for an excellent price. No customer could ask for more. Kind regards, H.K. Akino 3 seat w/Ultimo Futon Mattress & Anti Slip fabric 10/3/2011

Just finished assembling a Milan, size is perfect and the futon is really comfy. Kelvin Ford Milan 3 seat 28/5/2012

The futon is beautiful and a perfect fit for what we wanted. Jayne Pocock Akino 3 seater 24/5/2012

Hi Keith, Just wanted to say thank you, we’re happy with the mattress and so grateful we got it so fast, the temporary mattress we used was such a pain. Great service, thanks again Corinne Pitt TwinLoft Kingfisher Cotton Drill 15/5/2012

Hi Keith, Thank you for your service. I emailed two different companies before I found yours and they didn’t even bother to email me back. So really appreciate your service. Tierney Hull Shoji Screen 23/5/2012

Hello Keith, Thank you for the swift delivery of the futon cover. It fits perfectly and also looks really good. Regards, Satinder 16/4/2012

The mattress is great and I am very happy with it, thank you very much and thanks again for your service and helping me out with arranging everything, you’ve been really helpful!. Ophelie Loup Tradlux Natural Cotton Drill 4’6″ 12/4/2012

Our futon arrived exactly as promised. Keith was very knowledgeable and we received the correct futon for our needs, highly recommended. Karen Blakey 27/3/2012

Dear Keith, Thank you very much for your prompt and good service. I am very happy with BOTH of my Ultimo futons and with the Cavendish 3 seat sofa, The futon covers are great too and I love your choice of colours. I have always had traditional futons in the past and the Ultimo is much softer and springier but very comfortable to sleep on. Thank again, Claire Hartley Cavendish 3 seat w/Ultimo 23/3/2012

Hi Keith, Really pleased was going to drop you a line before, been really busy at the moment. Excellent service and excellent product. All the best, Adam Parkes. PocketSprungRegular 4’6″ 11/4/2012

For many years customers have been very kind giving testimonials

Thank you for all your help in resolving our problems. I am very impressed with your after sales support. I like the mattress, it’s the fact that it looks like an upholstered piece of furniture rather than an old style futon. It looks great with cushions on it too. Janet Law Pangkor w/Charcoal Chenille 31/1/2012

Dear Keith, I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the futon.It was all helped by the fact that speaking to you and discusiing the type of futon and the cover colour (thanks for the fabric swatches) made sure we had exactly what we wanted, and it was right for the decor in the room. The service was excellent and we would highly recommend your company. Best regards Frances Foulds Kiwi w/Regular 4’6″ 6/1/2012

The futon arrived safely and is terrific. Easy to assemble and has already been used. Also delivered when expected. Thanks and regards Maurice Belcher .Cavendish 3 seat w/TwinLoft Futon Mattress 31/12/2011

Argh! You’re going to have to put me on your website now as yet another deeply satisfied customer. Which is fair enough. How many other companies supply spare parts for free, a year after selling the futon? Seriously, Keith. Thanks a bomb,.Best, Vic Allen 8/1/2015

18/12/2014 Hi Keith, Thanks. Will get back to you when we decide to change the futon mattress! Also wanted to let you know that the sofa bed was delivered. We assembled it in the evening and it looks fantastic. Happy with the quality and service. Cheers. Yelena Shliomenzon Innovation Living Debonair Sofa Bed 18/12/2014

WOW! COMFY! Seriously comfy Just right a perfect ten!! Supporting, give, just a little bounce, solid, deep, plush, this ticks all the boxes for my dream mattress!   Yes I’m a happy bunny and well shot of my old futons. thought about offering them up to use as a dog’s/dogs’ bed. Thanks for all your friendly help and advice over the telephone. You helped steer me wisely through the difficulties of too much choice to a great solution that’l probably be with me for at least the next decade. Money well spent. (Hey you spend a third of your life asleep, might as well enjoy the experience. Hope you get as many deleriously happy customers as I am currently. Yours, a happy futoneer Justin Goode FutoLatex 4’6″/140 cm 7/2/2012

Need swatches or information then please call

Hi Keith, That’s an amazing quote considering The Futon Company in Edinburgh would charge so much more.!!  I have been looking at your site and found a review from someone I used to know here at Findhorn. Amazing Lesley B-P. Her American husband and I and others commiserated here after 9/11. Anyway I an interested in speaking with you although my house is not yet finished. I probably won’t be moving in until Dec. earliest. I’m just wondering if I add more things how that affects delivery cost. Thank you for your (already) wonderful service. Best, Susie Schwartz  17/1/2012

Morning Keith, Just to say thanks for your help in getting the futon sorted. Very impressed with the Cavendish. Good choice in the end and the cover finishes it all off nicely!! Cheers Andrew Rowland 3 seat Cavendish 23/1/2012

Dear Keith,  Thanks for your enquiry. Yes, both packets containing the screw kits arrived at exactly the same time in fact. Thank you for your efforts in solving this problem. I much appreciate your help and it’s great to finally be able to construct our second futon couch-bed. We think they are great, and are very pleased with them. My girl friend is Dutch and she might also like one at her home in Holland. Do you deliver there? Best wishes. Gough Quinn 10/1/2012

Hi Keith, Indeed- we received delivery yesterday, and had our first night sleep – was wonderful.…!! Thanks for helping us out getting it here (to Switzerland) I’ll refer you as often as I can ! Cheers, Clayton Hotson PocketSprungLux Futon Mattress 19/12/2011

 The mattress (Regular 6 layer) is our regular mattress and is very comfortable. Regular 4’6″/140 cm Futon Mattress David Finch 2011-12-13

Hi Keith.  Thanks for reminding me. No, you haven’t put me off buying a futon mattress. Quite the opposite. Your website is really good and your personal advice is really helpful thanks. I am just delaying purchasing one because we have just agreed a sale on our house and I ‘m waiting until we find a new home before deciding which mattress. When I do I promise I will contact you again. Thanks again for all your help. Great customer service, All the best, Julian Kinder 30/11/2011

Sorry not to reply sooner about the futon. With Baby 2 imminent we’ve been a bit busy. It did take the time you said to construct, the delivery man wouldn’t bring it upstairs but that wan’t a biggie. I’ve slept on it fairly solidly since we got it and it is comfortable enough for a heavily pregnant woman to sleep in! We will probably buy another cover from you in the future, and the Mink Chenille is lovely. Thanks for providing us with prompt and efficient supply. Best wishes Iona Baird. 25/10/2011

Hi Keith, Just wanted to thank you for your help and advice regarding our recently purchased futon. The delivery was prompt as promised especially so close to christmas, it took one hour from opening the box to one fully completed futon (2 people).I wish other companies delivered on their promises as you did, one very happy and satisfied futonsonline customer.Regards Tracey Forlan Cavendish 2 seat Wooden Futon 12/9/2011

Hi Keith, thank you for the delivery of the CocoLux futon I ordered. I was very satisfied with the service and the mattress is just amazingly comfortable thank you! The futon is wonderful, and exactly what we were hoping for. The quality is excellent, and the delivery people were fantastic. It was easy to put it together and looks terrific in our mezzanine area. Thanks so much for your excellent advice and service. Nordic 3 seat Metal Futon 12/7/2011

 Great service and i love the futon, my back has stopped hurting since sleeping on it. Thanks, Bye for now, Adele Round TradLux Futon Mattress  3/5/2011

Keith, I am very pleased with the Nordic frame – it’s compact, light and also very easy to convert. The choice of two inclination angles in the sofa position is great. Combined with the Ultimo mattress, it makes for a good night’s sleep! Thanks for the personal service which is much appreciated.
Charlotte Trombert Nordic 3 seat metal w/Ultimo Futon Mattress 10/5/2011

Hi Keith, The futon is perfect. We bought it as a guest bed, and all visitors so far have said they’ve slept brilliantly on it.Thank you for being so helpful and quick to reply to the questions we had before we bought it. Delivery was exactly as requested too. Regards, Elaine Kieran Classic timber futon sofabed: various sizes 10/5/2011

Dear Keith I have now assembled the futon and you were right, once the packaging was out of the way it was all quite easy to put together and I am delighted with the whole look. Thank you for your help. Gillian Jaggard Akino 3 seater timber futon sofa  bed 8/5/2011

Spiralfifty Thanks Keith for our futon and cover, we are really happy with both. The service was excellent and delivery right on time. TwinLoft Futon Mattress 11/4/2011

Caroline de Peyer Thanks Keith for making the big effort to ensure the covers did arrive on time. I really appreciated it. They arrived and fitted and I am so pleased that you have got me out of one big hole! Futon Covers  6/5/2011

Dear Keith, The futon is excellent, very comfortable, exactly what I wanted, and your customer service was impeccable. Thank you.Vivienne Hayes Chief Executive Women’s Resource Centre Regular Futon Mattress various sizes 25/2/2011

Very kind testimonials

Hi Keith, My mattress arrived on the 1st as stated. Is very, very comfortable.Many thanks Fearn Thomas Twinloft Futon Mattress various sizes 12/1/2011

 Was a bit unsure whether to go the whole hog and splash out on the top of the line ‘futolatex’ mattress. As a result of having slept the past few nights on it though, I am so glad I did. Such a massive improvement on the previous one. Mathew Pinches FutoLatex Futon Mattress 10/1/2011

Dear Keith,Fantastic news! The mattress has arrived!!! Many thanks and Happy Christmas! My husband and I are very grateful to you! Because the mattress is great, just like the one we bought from you last year for our smaller futon. It fits just perfectly. Also we are very impressed by your commitment and top class customer service – the weather was not cooperating and yet we received our mattress in time for Christmas! We will be recommending your company to all our friends!Happy New Year!!! Agnieszka and Ashish Kubal Twinloft Futon Mattress 11/12/2010

Hi Keith, Futon arrived no probs this am. Thank you for all your help THayes Cavendish 2 seat w/Regular Futon Mattress 13/12/2010

Hi, Keith.Good morning.Thank you so much for dispatching our order so promptly.We received the mattress yesterday and thought it was absolutely great. Dusan Tolmec Ultimo Futon Mattress 13/10/2010

Dear Keith,  Just to thank you for stunning service – the cover I ordered has arrived on the day you advised, and is really beautiful, thank you very much Kindest regards Lydia Daniels Chenille Futon Cover 4/10/2010

Hi Keith, The futon arrived on Wednesday – thank you very much. Since we put it together last night and were very impressed at how simple it was and how well it all lined up. Seems like nice quality wood too. Just taken delivery of the replacement futon base part. Thanks very much. I’ve not opened it yet but I’m sure it will be fine. Thank you for your help with this order and sending out samples etc – I am really pleased with the futon, it looks lovely and is very comfortable. best wishes Becky Sperring Trinity 2 seat w/Regular Futon Mattress 15/9/2010

Hi Keith .. over the weekend looking at them I thought I really must mail and say thank you because I love them! The colour is superb and the quality excellent. I am really delighted I bought them. The cover on the double futon fits better than the original cover I bought at the time from The Futon Shop! 🙂 It’s a nicer cover too, much easier to fit because of the zip placement. And if you saw the curtains with the covers you’d think I must have bought them at the same time. I’m most certainly keeping the details of futonsonline because as a move is likely in the next year or so I may well want to change the covers! 🙂 Thanks once again for your superb customer care! I really can’t fault it. Take care Xristine Cotton Drill Covers 26/8/2010

Allo there,The futon was delivered today and is lovely, thanks! Roz Cavendish 3seat w/Floaton Futon & Top Cover 17/8/2010

Hi Keith The sofa is fab!, really easy to assemble even for a girl! and the mattress is superb much more comfortable than a normal futon one! Many thanks Tracy Cross Cavendish 3seat w/TwinLoft Futon 22/8/2010

These testimonials mean a lot to me and my staff

Dear Keith,
Many thanks for your advice on phone today. Instead of buying a mattress alone, I have placed an order online for an Oslo 3 seater metal futon sofabed. XIYI. Oslo Metal 3 seat w/TwinLoft 5/9/2010

Dear Keith, I just wanted write you a quick note to say thank you for the futon you delivered to us last week. The service, and especially the help and information you provided, was excellent. The futon looks great, and we’re hoping it to last us at least another 5 years.Best of luck with your business,best Christmas wishes. Best regards,Jaco Ultimo Futon Mattress 23/11/2009

Keith I certainly appreciated the very good service you offer. All my enquiries were dealt with very quickly, also delivery was quick and efficient and the futon cover is lovely. Thank you. Sarah Chapman Futon Cover 10/5/2009

Hello again Keith Futon arrived safely today. Good product, well made, easily assembled. Would recommend it to anyone. Thanks very much Regards Jim Kiwi 140cms w/Regular Futon Mattress 21/5/2009

Hello Keith, Thanks for your help. I am very pleased with the mattress. The mattress arrived just after 12.00. I pulled it upstairs and have now unpacked it, and folded the futon — with a bit of breathing in- like a Victorian matron in her stays, the zip-over- folded- futon- cover is now in place -phew! I am delighted with the mattress and its colour. My family will now all get a good night’s sleep when they come to visit. Cheers Elizabeth Regular 120 cms Futon Mattress 28/5/2009

Dear Keith First of all I just wanted to write to thank you so much for the prompt, next day delivery of my futon. I am so relieved and pleased with the quality of the product – since both the wood and the mattress is exactly what I wanted. My 11 yr old daughter and I managed to easily put it together (even within the very small space we had to do it in!)…..all done and ready with plenty of time to spare before my family arrive to put it to good use! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the product, your company and the service you provide to anyone. Thank you so much. I am an extremely happy customer!!Sarah Humphries Akino 3 seat w/TwinLoft Mocha Cotton Drill 26/3/2009

Hi Keith,I’ve had a week on the new mattress – and it is great! Thanks for the prompt services. Best wishes Ezra TwinLoft Futon Mattress 28/2/2009

Hi Keith, Thank you for your prompt processing and delivery of my futon cover. I have been very pleased with the quality of my the product which lived up to expectations. Many thanks Verity Arch Futon Cover 31/12/2008

The futon mattress is great and exactly what I was looking expecting. I found the service very responsive and flexible. Many thanks, Matt Ultimo Futon Mattress 9/4/2010

Hello Keith, I’ve been using my futon for one week now, it looks very stylish both as a sofa and a bed. I’m pleased with my purchase and the fact it has come all the way from Malaysia adds to the “specialness” and experience of sleeping on a futon. My back loves the mattress.Lovely large drawer.Yes I’m pleased with the service I have received and I appreciated your advice prior to my purchase and also regarding delivery.Therefore I would recommend futonsonline based on the service I have received, the wide product range, swift swatch service, quality of products and the assembly instructions were found to be user friendly. I love chilling out on my futon – thanks Suzanne Eden w/TwinLoft Futon Mattress  1/4/2010

Hi Feedback, It took just over a week from enquiry to delivery for my futon to arrive. Really easy to assemble. Excellent service and amazing futon. I would recommend futonsonline every time. “Thank You”. Take care Val Cavendish 3 seat w/Twinloft & Aubergine Cover 3/11/2009

Keith, We put together the futon and it looks perfect in the location we planned.The instructions were a little unclear at first but no parts were missing and after about 2 hours we had it all put together and it looks great. Regards Chris Pangkor 2 seat w/Regular Futon & Cover 25/3/2010

Hello Keith, I am so sorry we meant to email you as soon as we received our futon to say how thrilled we were with the service and the quality of the goods. We were going to buy a futon from the Futon Company but the price was prohibitive. I thought I was choosing second best by ordering from you but I was wrong. Due to the wooden frame being equally as good and the cover I would say is better quality and a better fit by far.The weave of the fabric is much stronger and consequently it fitted the mattress easily and perfectly. All credit to you for a brilliant service. Thank you. Lindsay & Chris Mugford Cavendish 3 seat & TwinLoft Futon Mattress 25/2/2010

Hi Keith, Futon cover arrived this morning thanks it looks great. Cindy Thomas Futon Cover 13/11/2009

Dear Keith, I wish to compliment you on the swift and efficient service we recieved and therefore we were able to minimise the time lost from work due to the timed delivery. That in itself was a big bonus.  Very best wishes, Mike Jamieson Cavendish 2 seater w/Regular Futon 15/9/2009

  Great service, speedy delivery and lovely product, plus, far better than IKEA.  Daniel Hoffman-Gill Akino 2 seat w/Regular Futon & Futon Cover 22/6/2009

Hi Keith, Thanks once again for the efficient and speedy service I received when ordering the second futon sofa cover for our holiday let. Furthermore we went to Snowdonia to fit it and once again it looked very smart and very hard wearing which is essential in a busy holiday let. It is also so refreshing to leave a message with a company and actually get a return call. Thanks again. Marji Tomlinson Futon Cover & Extra fabric 12/5/2009

Hello Keith  My futon arrived. Just to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality and comfort of the futon- so much more comfortable than my previous one. I am now sleeping much more soundly! Thank you also for your very good communications throughout. Hans Floaton Futon Mattress & Futon Cover 21/2/2009

Dear Keith, I can report that the futon mattress has gone down a treat, and a good workout was had both by my son and I when we put on the mattress cover.!! But I must really complain. It is now even harder to extract him from his futon in the morning!! Many thanks for a great product. Although his (son) thanks is really just a grunt. Diane & Connor Teeling Ultimo Futon Mattress & Futon Cover 15/2/2011

Thanks for futon mattress, we are very pleased with it and it is far superior to the previous one. Furthermore you mentioned you would supply some anti-slip free of charge and appreciate your offer. Although we have no problems at the moment I think it would be a good idea to have some “just in case”. Ultimo Futon Mattress Jo Butcher  2/6/2009

“We have got the futon, put it together and it’s lovely. Thank you for a very efficient service. I will certainly recommend your site to others.” Cavendish 3 seat Pam Armstrong 23/9/2010


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