Three Key Questions You Need To Answer Before Buying A Futon Sofa Bed

Buying a piece of furniture that is both versatile and attractive needs thought and information. Whatever your choice it’s likely to be an integral part of your home for many years and consequently making an informed choice should be seen as an important decision.

When it comes to buying a futon sofa bed, it can often seem deceptively simple. However, don’t be deceived and think that a futon is an occasional piece of furniture. Remember the critical considerations that you need to be aware of, when these are in mind you will be able to make the best use of the space in your home and how much money to spend.

  1. What Is The Primary Use For The Futon You Are Going To Buy?

The look of the futon sofa bed will be important, and you have to give careful consideration as to which room it will reside in.

Sometimes there’s a trade-off between functionality and good design, when this happens price will often have a bearing on the final outcome. You need to be keenly aware of how dominant the sofa bed will be to the room it sits in.

For example, if you are going to place the sofa bed in a main living room, as a piece of everyday furniture that has been bought for the added benefit of extending your capabilities to put people up for the night, then looks will be very important.

On the other side of that coin, if the sofa bed is to be positioned in a teenage boys bedroom so that his mates can stay over, then visuals will not be such a strong consideration.

So location will help to dictate its primary use. Obviously if you intend to use the sofa on a daily basis, it will be essential to choose a comfy, well made good looking sofa bed and if it costs a little more than you imagined, that’s life as they say.

  1. How Often Will the Futon Bed Be Used?

When it comes to offering a spare bed to guests, how many times each year do you think you’ll be using your futon?

If it’s a handful of times per year, then you might get away with a reasonable quality mattress. But if it’s for frequent visitors, then you may wish to look at investing in a high quality mattress that uses specialist fillings for greater comfort and longevity.

Cutting corners on price for a futon sofa bed that’s used frequently will be a false economy. The mattress will become uneven and lumpy quickly, definitely not comfortable and then inevitably a reinvestment and possibly within as little as two or three years.

  1. How Important Is Durability For Your New Futon?

If you intend your sofa to be a main piece of furniture and used for sitting every day, then you will definitely need to think about investing in a futon mattress that has a removable cover.

On top of that, in time, it’s a good idea to have at least one spare cover so that you can wash one, and still have your other cover protecting the futon from pets, spills and rowdy friends.

At the other end of that scale, if the sofa bed sits in the corner of the guestroom and is only unfolded once every three months, then you may be able to get away with a fixed cover mattress, at a lower price. carries a complete range of futons that will appeal to every pocket and requirement.  To browse our range, visit our homepage and use the main menu to navigate our store categories

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