What Are The Key Durability And Quality Considerations In A Futon Sofa Bed Frame?

The modern futon has come a long way since designers in Europe and North America first started to develop dedicated frames that could be used with a futon mattress.

It’s fair to say the early days of the futon furniture industry were not plain sailing. Materials and designs had to be tried and tested and there were failures and casualties along the way, that led to the odd uncomfortable night’s sleep, for sure.

But thankfully modern materials and developments have transformed those original futons from a low quality temporary bed, to a high quality item of furniture that people can have pride in owning.

Like any important purchase that concerns well being some thought is very important. The futon world is still polarised with many choices being less than ideal, but by reading informed articles we hope to smooth your path to better sleep.

The bedrock of your new futon will be the frame, so let’s look in detail at what you should look out for and make sure you choose a futon sofa bed with a high-quality frame.

How To Spot A High Quality Metal Futon Sofa Bed Frame

Metal or Steel futon frames can be made to a high quality and aesthetically there is plenty of choice.

But, like most products there are pitfalls when choosing cheaper inferior models.

One of the easiest ways to see the difference between a well constructed metal futon frame and a cheap one is the sitting/sleeping platforms. There is no doubt that wooden flexi slats provide far more comfort and distribute weight more evenly than those models that use thin tubular bars or mesh as both of those materials buckle and bend readily.

All the ends of the tubular steel used in better metal futon frames should have plastic inserts so there’s no risk of damaging floors or fingers and hands from metal splinters. Your quality metal frame will open and close from the front via an easy to use hinge mechanism rather than two people having to squeeze the frame from sofa to bed and vice versa.

How To Spot A High Quality Wooden Futon Sofa Bed Frame

When it comes to choosing a wooden futon sofa bed frame there are again several key considerations.

When purchasing a 3 seat wooden futon always try to find a hardwood frame that suits your purpose rather than one made from softwood. This is because the stresses and strains of opening and closing the frame are more easily absorbed by more seasoned timber.

Hardwood frames are usually constructed from American oak or Rubber wood. These materials give you the best opportunity for a long lasting furniture investment that will not warp or twist.

When considering a 2 seat wooden frame with arms, again a hardwood is the best choice.

However, chair beds, single futon sofa beds and double size futons without arms are perfectly fine when made with high quality softwood timber such as Redwood or Radiata Pine. You must look for a sanded finish and edges that are smooth. Slats should be wide and the gaps between the slats not too wide.

It’s these differences that betray the quality of a wooden frame. Cheap frames might even have pockets of sap weeping from the timber, narrow slats and wide gaps between slats where limbs can get trapped and hurt.

When choosing a wooden futon frame, look closely at the detail of the wood. Ideally, it will have very few knots, as these knots can weaken the integrity of the structure over time and result in breakages.

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