What Is So Different About A CottonSafe Chemical Free Bed Mattress?

If you are currently looking for a new bed mattress, or starting to consider a future change to your existing bed mattress, then making a CottonSafe chemical free bed mattress part of your buying considerations will be a great decision.

More and more people are discovering the dual benefits that a CottonSafe chemical free bed mattress can bring.

Firstly, for years, people have valued fire retardant mattresses because of the perceived safety benefit they could bring in the event of fire in the home. However, part of that feeling of safety is based on marketing and old ways of doing things.

Most mattress manufacturers use chemicals to create a fire-retardant mattress, rather than using materials and techniques that could do a similar job without lacing the cover fabrics and fillings with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Fire retardant chemicals have been linked to numerous health risks, including brain problems, reproductive system damage, thyroid problems and even the possibility of a higher cancerous cell development risk.

Thankfully, many of these chemicals, such as PBDE’s (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) are becoming rarer due to bans in the EU and other areas of the world. However, rather than take a risk with your health, purchasing a CottonSafe chemical free bed mattress will mean that you can get a good night’s sleep, every single night, without the worry of what’s contained in the bed mattress you are sleeping on.

But that’s not to say CottonSafe mattresses don’t comply with UK regulations. Over the past 3 years whilst in development our range of chemical free bed mattresses have been tested and monitored using a UKAS certified fire regulations testing house.  So you can rest assured that safety and legal requirements are an integral component of manufacture and nothing has been compromised in the process of removing harmful chemicals from your bedroom.

And secondly, it’s not only the benefit of being able to have peace of mind about the surface you are sleeping on being chemical free that makes a CottonSafe bed mattress so reassuring, it’s also about the quality, comfort and environmental responsibility buying one will give you and your family.

The casings or covers of our CottonSafe Bed Mattresses are made from pure organic Cotton on the outside and Wool on the inside. This is the kind of mattress that will help allergy sufferers.

Manufactured in the West Country, our unique 22 cm thick pocket sprung mattress enjoys exceptional quality throughout its design. For instance, we use natural Flax thread with Felt washers to keep the fillings in place.

In every aspect of their manufacture, CottonSafe Bed Mattresses are made from only the highest quality natural materials.

So to enjoy a safe night’s sleep, in complete comfort and on a mattress beautifully crafted from only natural materials, click here and learn more about and buy a CottonSafe chemical free bed mattress.

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