What type of Sofa Bed is right for you?

Getting the right sofa bed for your home is a challenge requiring time and research. Whether you are looking for a high quality comfortable sleep set up for yourself or providing an occasional bed for guests, one that suits your needs and looks good in your home is important. Essential considerations are the space available, the look and style of the sofa and ensuring that you meet both requirements within your budget. The perfect sofa bed will be comfortable and an inviting piece of furniture whether it’s a bed or sofa.

With such a wide variety of options on offer, take time to see what appeals to you. Standard sofa beds have a more conventional look in a room and can never provide a comfy sleeping surface while wood and metal framed futons and clever versatile modular furniture can be highly effective and comfortable.

With living space often at a premium, when looking for sofa beds in the UK from a furniture store it is important to be clear on your objectives. Unless you have a lot of space you will need to ensure that you have enough floor area for the bed when it’s fully extended. A traditional sofa bed, which produces a bed when pulled out from inside a sofa, requires space to store the seating cushions. While a good way to turn a living room into an emergency bedroom, it may cause difficulties in some spaces.

The two-in-one style of sofa bed has limitations but the style of a futon sofa bed has advantages for the contemporary UK home. As house sharing for young professionals increases, many adults living away from the family home for the first time need to buy furniture on a budget that’s comfortable, durable and stylish when on constant display in their main living space.

A futon can double as the main seating in a flat and be comfortable enough to pull out quickly into regular sleeping accommodation at night. A futon easily converts into a bed, with the seating for the sofa doubling as the mattress when out as a bed, the metal or wooden frame of the sofa becomes the supporting element of the bed. Convertible futons, which look more like a modern style sofa by day, are reconfigured into a double bed at night; they use clever mechanics and additional supporting legs built into the underside of the integral cushioned mattress, perfect in a minimalist home where clean style and convenience is key.

Currently online shopping is made easy by the use of specifications and reviews and when you can create a mood board for your home with Pinterest, it’s easy to build a shortlist of possible purchases. Considering all the essentials will help you make a good choice for an important and long term investment.

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