Why a Futon is the perfect bed arrangement for a teenager

Teenage bedroom mess

One minute they are children, with princesses and pirates on the wall and the next minute, there is a house full of hormone driven teenagers; they retreat to their bedrooms and start covering the mural you had lovingly painted on the wall with posters of pop stars. When it is time to redecorate the bedroom to accommodate this new version of emerging young adult, finding the perfect mix of practical, affordable and ‘teenage approved’ style can be difficult.

A futon fits the bill for a teenage and young adult bedroom perfectly. It’s the ideal way to offer a more spacious bed by allowing them their first double sized mattress as it can be folded neatly into a sofa through the day. The flexibility of a futon means a teen can use their room as a chill out zone through the weekends and holidays and floor space is only taken up with the fully extended bed at night time. Since teens love to entertain – but a room with a bed in it is not always something a parent feels comfortable sending them to – a futon allows a room to be transformed into social space in daylight hours.

There are other practical considerations for providing a futon for your teenager too; removable top covers can save the day if careless damage or accidental spills take place, while a steel framed sofa bed can be kept clean and fresh easily. If your teenager moves out of the home and into a university flat, their futon can be easily dismantled and taken with them if necessary, or left at home with their room conveniently converted into a playroom or study during term time for other members of the family. Choose a futon with storage built into the base if possible; it will be the perfect hidey hole for their secrets while they are at home and will allow them to safely stash precious items out of family view when they temporarily fly the nest at 18.

The advances in technology regarding sofa bed construction mean that a futon is now a perfectly acceptable alternative to a conventional divan bed. The advantages of flexibility, affordability, comfort, easy cleaning and built in storage space make them the perfect bed for a child or teenager in most homes.

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