Why Futons are no longer the uncomfortable convertible sofas of the olden days

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A night on a futon at a friend’s house may conjure up the spectre of an uncomfortable night of sleep and a sinking sensation of waking up stiff and unrested. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Futons have experienced a revolution in terms of research and enhancements in recent years and they are now a compelling option for a spare bed with multiple uses. Convertible sofas such as the Innovation Sofa Bed range look thoroughly modern and blend discreetly into a main living room, guest room or conservatory but pack an enormous punch in terms of flexibility, comfort and most of all value for money.

The Cubed Sofa Bed, a 2 seat double size combines a sleek, contemporary design in a wide range of colours with optional leather look textiles. It’s a chunky, solid looking sofa, well suited to a young executive home, a playroom or as a slim fitting occasional bed in a box room or office. The design encompasses hidden storage within the base of the futon to allow bedding to be neatly stashed away, out of sight and conveniently located for when it is needed. All the upholstery weight fabrics will resist stains and are waterproof, making them ideal if there are children and pets in the home.

Futons have changed dramatically in terms of the mattress quality that is now available. Innovation Futons have specially adapted technology that combines cleverly housed springs in individual pockets with other fillings that ensure comfort and longevity. The mattress will not sag and will remain  firm and fit for purpose. The care and attention given to constructing these futons means that they will be comfortable when being used for both sitting and sleeping.

Whether you are looking for a chrome steel or wooden look, the Innovation range has something for everyone. This range focuses on a sleek, clean line look and ease of use, making the conversion of sofa to bed a no hassle, single person job.  With a smooth slide together action and bed supports carefully built into the underside of the futon, it can be changed from bed to sofa and vice versa in a matter of moments, not like the clunky convertible sofas from the past.

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